Why I’m Looking Forward To A House

I am enjoying mixing my content up and throwing in new things to see how they go and if they stick, plus I am really excited about the progress of our future home that I thought I would take a few minutes to sit down and write out a list of all the things that I am super excited for so I can easily look back at this time, if I ever want to. So, let’s just start talking about all the reasons why I am looking forward to a house.

I am so excited to have my very own washer and dryer, I haven’t had dryer since I moved here and while I enjoy the clothesline, sometimes it would be handy to have a dryer. I am also excited to have my own washer so I can wash clothes whenever I want and not have to share with others in the apartment building.

Another appliance I am looking forward to is a dishwasher, I have never had a dishwasher in my entire life and I think I’m ready for one. I’m excited about all of the hot water as well. Also, at this point, I think I am going to say excited too much and almost want to start a count.

I am excited to have space for people to stay when they come and visit me, which will be nice. I’m excited to have all that extra space in general, I am not sure what I am going to do with it yet but I do know that I am excited about it and will have to figure it out over time.

I am excited about having a kitchen that more than two people can fit into, that also means more cooking and more baking I would think, since having more space will probably mean a more comfortable space to work in. I’m excited about having all the bookshelves for my too many books that I am sure are going to grow. I am ready for a super organized closet and I am excited to see my cats roam around the house.

I am super excited to have a screened in porch, a place where I can enjoy the outside without the bugs. I am ready to not share walls with anyone else and I am excited to be able to play my music as loud as I want to, within reason of course because I’m sure there is such thing as too loud.

I am just really excited for our space and getting to decorate it and all of that jazz. I think my excited count is at fifteen, sixteen if you could that very last one, but either way I am jazzed and so ready for our house to be done.

How is your day going so far?


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4 thoughts on “Why I’m Looking Forward To A House

  1. Yaaaaasssssssss! I can’t wait to see your home; I feel like decorating and having your own space is so inspiring. And I definitely understand the excitement of having your own washer and dryer; I’m a sucker for appliances. I don’t know what it is, but I’m obsessed!

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    1. I am so excited about all of it really! Sometimes I feel like the only person who loves doing laundry but I do, theres just something about clean clothes and then getting to put them away that I love.

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