Disney Inspired: Gaston from Beauty and the Beast

I am rolling on with the whole Disney Villains theme and this month I am focused on Gaston, which was both simple and very difficult. I was trying to think of something really creative to do and in the end I didn’t really come up with anything, so instead, I settled for a really simple eye that incorporated the shades of Gaston in it, as you will see, so let’s just dive in and get to the look.

These are the two photos that I have used for inspiration for this month Disney Inspired look, I just wanted to pull colors from Gaston so I chose close-ups of his face because they had all of the colors that I wanted to pull from in them, plus I am just pretty entertained by his face so I figured it would be fun to share it in this post. Let’s look at the eye look I came up with.

Instead of a full look, I have decided to just do an eye look this month, partly because I let myself fall too far behind and ended up really behind and doing this last minute. I am still really happy with how this look has turned out, I think it is exactly the way that I envisioned it and I think it is very Gaston is a wearable way.

What Disney Villain should I do next month?


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