Revisit: NYX Ultimate Brights Eyeshadow Palette

We are throwing it back today on this lovely Sunday, this month I am going to be revisiting and eyeshadow palette and I have decided to revisit what I think was my very first colorful eyeshadow palette and it makes a lot of sense to come back to it, so let’s just jump in and see how this one holds up to the test of time.

Today I am focused on the NYX Ultimate Brights eyeshadow palette, this one comes with sixteen different shades of eyeshadow and will run you $18.00 regularly but this does go on sale fairly frequently.

This palette has a variety of shades in it and all of them are matte, I do wish that a few of them were shimmers just to add a bit of variety in finsh, but matte is nice still.

As usual, let’s take a moment to talk about the packaging. The packaging on this is very simple, it’s nothing exciting but that’s alright. I like the way that the eyeshadows are laid out, they make a lot of sense together while also not wasting any space between them which I really like, it doesn’t feel like wasted space which is nice. The packaging itself does feel a little bit cheap, but for pretty decent quality bright shadows and the mix of shades that you get, I think that can be overlooked. Now, let’s get into talking about the eyeshadow itself.

I always have fun playing with these shadows, like I’ve said too many times at this point, these have a really great mix of shades. I tried to mix it up and use a bunch of different shades, I think these eyeshadows blend really well and make a lot of sense together. I think these shadows make for a great starting point in colorful eyeshadow, which is why I had picked these up in the first place, however now that I play with colorful shadows a lot more and have better quality ones I think I have realized that I don’t really need this one in my life.

I do still think this is a fantastic palette to start with, I think these blend really well, the variety of shades work really well together and make a lot of sense, it’s just a fantastic way to start out with bright eyeshadows.

What are some of your favorite colorful eyeshadow palettes?


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