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Dupe: Glow Recipe vs. Ulta Sheet Masks

I’m mixing up my dupes post today, today I am diving into some skincare and talking about a couple of sheet masks. I intended to do these two because I thought it would be fun and perfect for summer, plus I already own both of them so it lined up. Then I found out that the Glow Recipe one has been discontinued so I thought it would be perfect to find an alternative to it for those of you who loved this face mask, but as I started writing this I found out that Ulta no longer sells theirs either so both of these are things that you can’t really find, I found both on Amazon but they are overpriced and because I do not have anything else planned for today I figured I would still talk about these two. So, I guess let’s find out if these two are dupes.

This month my focus is going to be on the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Jelly Sheet Mask which retailed for around $8.00 if I remember correctly, I am having a bit of a hard time finding the exact answer since this has been discontinued, but I believe it was in that price range. This mask is going up against the Ulta Watermelon Hydrogel Mask, which has also been discontinued and I am having a hard time finding the exact price of this one but I believe it was around $6.00, I can’t be completely sure but I think that is what I remember.

Let take a minute to talk about the packaging on these two, which you can see just above this photo in case you missed it. These two have different packaging and I for sure think that the winner of this one has to go to Glow Recipe because the watermelon slice shape is just too adorable and makes a lot of sense with the product. I like the Ulta one as well, it’s just less exciting next to the one from Glow Recipes since it is just a rectangle with some pictures of watermelon on it.

Both of these masks also come in two parts, which I thought was really interesting and make for easy application, though the Glow Recipe one was a little bit too big for my face as you might be able to tell by the photo to the right of this. Both of these masks feel the same, they are both made out of this kind of jello-like substance that I really enjoy and I think feels great on the skin, it’s very cooling and nice.

Both of these have a pleasant smell but I can’t really put my finger on what it is, it just kind of smells like skincare.

The Glow Recipe one has more serum in the pack and is wetter, so I think I actually like the Ulta one more in that way because it just feels better on the skin while still having the elements of a sheet mask that I want.

I think that both of these masks left my skin feels rather softening and looking pretty glowy for a couple of days, which is what I was looking for when I picked up these masks.

So I think these two face masks are dupes? I do not, I think they are both good and I think that they are similar but I am not convinced that they are exact dupes and if I am being completely honest with you guys, I do prefer the Ulta brand one, I like that it’s less wet and I just liked the way my skin felt after this one a little bit more.

So, overall I actually really like both of these masks and am pretty sad that they have discontinued both of them, especially the Ulta brand one. Maybe they’ll bring them back but I’m not really sure, or maybe during my sheet mask loving quest I will come across one that reminds of these two, really we will just have to wait and see I guess.

What is your favorite sheet mask?


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