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Review: Lush Splash Bath Bomb

Time to relax and sink into a warm bath tub with a great bath bomb, one of my favorite things to do. There is nothing quite like relaxing in a warm tub of water and silence, sometimes with a nice book, I think that’s why I actually write so many Lush reviews, that and they keep pumping out products that I just have to try. So, let’s just settle on in.

On this lovely Wednesday, I am talking all about the Splash bath bomb from Lush. This one will run you $7.95 and is vegan, like pretty much all Lush products are.

This one is full of fantastic and fun ingredients such as lime oil, neroli oil, elemi oil, tonka absolute and more. So this one sounds like it’s going to be bright and citrusy, which as you guys may know by now, that is right up my alley of scent preference.

Elemi oil is one of the more interesting things as I had not heard of it before, which is why I am taking a moment to mention it, which I now realize is because this is an item that is used mainly in the Karma scent family and that is one that I do not like. I think it’s interesting because it says it’s citrusy and spicy, but I can’t pick up anything between the two scents wise, not that it really means much I was mostly just rambling. This oil comes from the elemi tree in the Philippines and I hear can grow up to be 100 feet tall. So, in case you were curious about what it is because I know I was.

Now it’s time to go back to regularly scheduled programming, which means it is time to talk a little bit about the appearance of this bath bomb like I always do.

The exterior of this bath bomb is really fun, it’s blue mostly but has a white design on the top that makes it kind of look like something is splashing into it, which I think is very much adorable. As you drop it in the water and it starts to fizz away you find out the inside is a mix of dark blue, light blue and white which swirl around the tub, ultimately leaving the bath water a very beautiful shade of blue that reminds me a lot of the Frozen bath bomb from Lush, if you guys have ever tried that, just this one doesn’t have anywhere near as much glitter as that one because I am fairly certain that this one doesn’t have glitter at all.

The last thing that we are going to go over is the scent and the feel in the water, like usual. I have a set up and should probably mix it up more but I don’t ever do that.

This does smell citrusy like I thought based on the description, but this also smells kind of fresh and a little bit salty? if that makes any sense at all. I like the scent of this one but it is not my personal favorite but I do like it, it’s a nice scent and is pretty relaxing while still being really uplifting.

The last thing that I am going to mention is the feel in the water, this one feels pretty standard as they typically do, it left my skin feeling soft but not overly moisturized or anything like that, but it is still nice. And I didn’t seem to notice the scent on my skin too long after getting out of the bath, so this one doesn’t really linger.

What is your favorite Lush bath bomb?


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