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Review: Jeffree Star Cosmetics Jawbreaker Palette

I know that I was really behind when it comes to reviewing the Thirsty palette, so I wanted to try and be on top when it came to this one and I think I am fairly on top of and not too far behind. This palette was one that I knew I had to have when I saw it, so I ordered it and like it a lot so far, so let’s just dive in and hear all about the thoughts that I have on this fun and colorful palette.

If it wasn’t already obvious by the number of times that I have mentioned the name of this one, this lovely Sunday I am talking about the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Jawbreaker Eyeshadow Palette, this one retails for $58.00 and comes with twenty-four different shades of eyeshadow in various finishes, which is really exciting if you ask me. This is the largest Jeffree Star Cosmetics palette to date and it is a really beautiful one.

As usual, I want to take a minute or two to talk about the packaging, starting with the outer packaging that you can see just above this text.

I really like the packaging, I think it is very fun and fits the theme very well. The pink shade is very pretty and all of the splatters of color really remind me of a classic jawbreaker, which I am sure is the point of the design.

As for the layout on the inside, I really like that too. I think that isn’t a lot of empty space which I am a big fan of, I also just like how simply this is laid out, even if it doesn’t really make a ton of sense. It’s very fun. I also love the branding on the eyeshadows, it’s always very clear that these are Jeffree Star Cosmetic brand eyeshadows.

Now, let’s get into breaking down each shade a little bit starting with Virgin which is a matte slightly off white kind of shade that is really buttery. Good Morning is another matte and this is closer to your typical matte kind of cream shade in palettes, though this one does lean a little bit more on the pink side of things. Bubble Gum is one of the many shades that I was super excited for, this one is a bright bubble gum pink matte that is stunning. Wow is another matte shade and this one is supposed to be neon yellow though I do not know that I would call it that, this is a really lovely matte bright yellow though with great pigmentation. Suck is a kind of neon coral shade that is also matte and is very pretty. Licorice looks exactly like I would think it does, this is a matte true red. Cute is a matte minty kind of green shade, a color that I love and am obsessed with purchasing in all forms I can get my hands on. Fuck is one of my favorite names because it is so simple and entertaining to me, this is a matte and is really stunning coral kind of shade.

Gum Drop is another one that I was and still am excited for, this is a matte light purple that is just beautiful. Snack is the first shimmery shade of the bunch, this is a beautiful soft cotton candy pink. Brain Freeze is a matte light blue, this is pretty much the perfect baby blue shade. Jawbreaker is a really interesting shade, it is a shimmer shade that is almost a white base with a gold shift to it that I love. And What is a metallic red shade that leans more like a hot pink and I prefer that. Orange Juice is another metallic shade and this one is a bright orange that reminds me of orange soda for sure. Soaked is a matte blue-gray kind of shade that I really like the look of, it reminds me of a stormy kind of shade. Sour is a disappointing swatch but still pretty, this is a matte green shade that is nice.

Raspberry is a matte darker red shade, it leans a little bit pink but is mostly red. Cotton Candy is such a fun hot pink shimmery eyeshadow that I adore the look of. Lemon Drop is a metallic kind of yellow gold shade, it leans a little bit more yellow than gold. Bite Meis a shimmery dark purple shade that is very pretty. Cherry Wet is a matte that is kind of like a true cherry red shade, maybe a tinge pinker than a perfect cherry red. Tasty is a deep brown matte shade that almost feels like it doesn’t belong but I guess it kind of makes sense. Cone is a matte peachy kind of shade, this seems like a fantastic kind of crease shade. Delicious is a dark matte navy shade, this is also a bit random but it is a nice addition to this color range I think.

I haven’t had a chance to use every single shade in an eye look yet, but I did try to hit a pretty decent amount of shades so I could show the range and talk about the different shades somewhat. I just want to ruin this whole review by saying that I adore this palette and am so happy with this purchase, I have had other Jeffree Star Cosmetic palettes but this one is hands down the best one that I have tried so far. This palette and I just vibe really well and I am very much excited to try this out and play with it more.

I love the color range of this palette, I feel like it hits a lot of shades that you don’t see as often and isn’t your typical rainbow kind of palette, which is nice. The shades that really stand out for me personally are Bubble Gum, Cute, Fuck, Gum Drop, Snack, Orange Juice, and Cotton Candy. Clearly, I have a bit of a color family type but that is okay. I think these shades are especially pretty but so far everything that I have used has been great. The mattes in this palette are very soft and easy to blend out and work with. The shimmers in these palettes are almost a cream to powder kind of texture, they are crazy pigmented but still fairly easy to blend together and work with. The formula of this palette is very good and I am thoroughly impressed.

What is your current favorite palette?


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