2019 · Face Mask Friday

Face Mask Friday: Melting Sugar Lemon Meringue

Sometimes you have to set some time aside and take a minute or two to relax, so doing these face mask Friday post always guarantee that I have at least once a month that I stop, take some time and breath with a face mask on my face. This is always a good time if you ask me plus it probably helps you guys some by showing you all of the face masks and reading someone’s opinions on them, so let’s waste no more time and just dive into this review.

This month is all about this little pouch of face mask, this is the Freeman Melting Sugar Lemon Meringue face mask, I picked this up at Ulta and it cost me $3.99.

This says this is good for three to four uses, which means that this comes out to a dollar per use if you get four out of it, which I think is doable seeing as I have used this twice and I think I have enough for another two uses, maybe three if I really squeeze but I am not completely sold on that one.

Let’s start with the packaging, which I actually really like. I do think that this is a little bit wasteful and do wish that it were a bigger size, but I find it easy to squeeze out product in packagings like this one because it is very easy to get out every last drop. I also really like the look of this one, it’s nothing super exciting but the color is very pretty and it sticks with the themeing of this mask really well. So overall, this packaging is an A+.

Before we talk about anything else, can anyone spot the kitty in this photo? She is always photobombing me.

I also want to take a second to talk about the scent of this because while I know scent isn’t the most important part of a face mask, I can also really appreciate one that smells fantastic, such as this one. This one smells very lemony but also very sweet, kind of like lemon meringue pie, which is probably what they were going for and if I am being honest, I do really like it. It is very pleasant and isn’t strong enough to bother me, however, if I had super sensitive skin I might skip out because of the scent, so just be aware of that.

The face mask is clear, so there isn’t really much to talk about there and this one is the wash-off type, so everything that is fairly straightforward.

This mask claims to absorb oil and clear the skin, well it is supposed to help make clearer skin. I am not sure that I have used this enough or have quite the right type of skin to really say if it lives up to this claim or not, because when I use this while it does leave my skin feels nice and looking pretty glowy, I am not sure that it absorbing oils or really helping clear up the skin, so I am not sure that this actually does what it claims to.

Overall, this isn’t my favorite face mask and I’m not sure that I would pick this one up again, this does smell delicious but I didn’t really notice it doing a whole lot for my skin, so I don’t see a point in picking this one up again personally.

What is your favorite face mask?


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