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Summer 2019 Earring Selections

I thought I would shake things up a little bit today and share some of my favorite earrings finds for the summer season, I don’t do enough fashion related posts but I really want to break into that more and this is my first attempt in a while to really give it a go. So, let’s not waste any time and just dive right into this one.

Palm Leaf Earrings, Amazon $8.99. Beaded Hoops, Etsy $33.00. Sugarfix Geometric Resin Hoops, Target $12.99. Fine Fins Hoop Earrings, Modcloth $12.00. Color Blocked Beaded Earrings, Old Navy $12.99. Multi-Colored Mini Tassel Earrings, Etsy $8.99

This first group here includes pretty much all bigger and flashier earrings, so more statement earrings you could say. I love a bold earring with a simpler outfit, it has been something I have been rocking a fair amount recently. These are some of my favorites but out of this bunch I really love those beaded hoops, I’m not sure what it is about them but they just call to me, which is not to say that I don’t love all of these because they are all really fun.

Bee Dangle Earrings, Amazon $13.99. Universal Thread Geometric Tiered Earrings, Target $7.99. Mata Traders Earrings, Modcloth $25.00. Vivacious Traits Crocheted Earrings, Modcloth $12.00. Pineapple Earrings, Amazon $7.68. Striped Round Studs, Old Navy, I could not find these anymore.

This group is slightly less in your face, though all are still really fun for the summer season. I really love a fun earring during the warmer months, not sure why but I am into it. These are kind of the ones I go for if I am looking for something that is still fun but is a little less in your face, which I think all of these are perfect for. I must admit my favorites are easily the bee ones, they are really versatile in styling and they are just super cute.

What are some of your favorite earrings?


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