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Review: Jeffree Star Thirsty Palette

I am very much late to the party with this one and I know that, but I have gotten around to talking about this palette finally, which I am pretty excited about because this is a pretty exciting palette if you ask me. So, let’s not waste too much time and just get into talking about this palette.

This is the Jeffree Star Thirsty palette, I believe this is limited edition and from last years summer collection. This is still available on Beautylish and will run you $48.00, which is a pretty typical eyeshadow palette price at this point in time.

This one comes with 15 shades in various finishes, it has an entire row of ultra metallics in the middle and other 10 shades are matte. So, it’s pretty easy to create a full look with this palette. The shades in this arm mostly warm toned and mostly neutral, but there are some fun pops of colors in this palette and a couple pops of blue which I think are an interesting choice to incorporate into this one.

I really like the packaging on this one, it is cardboard but it feels really heavy and sturdy. I also really like the design of that, it’s very simple and nothing too exciting but it’s cute, the orange shade is very fun and very summery.

I like the way these shadows are laid out inside as well, they make a lot of sense together and it makes a cohesive kind of color story which is nice. I also really like that the Jeffree Star Logo is imprinted in each one, it is very much on brand for him. Now, let’s talk a little bit about the shadows themselves, starting from the top.

Parched is your typical matte cream shade, as you can see on my skin tone it barely shows up but I can assure you that it is there. Taste Buds is a really light matte peach shade, this one is a very soft shade. Bitch is pretty much a neon coral kind of shade. Kumquat is a matte peach shade, it reminds me of a peach popsicle. Stroke is a matte more rust kind of shade, the deepest of the peaches. Divine is a really shimmery metallic kind of silver shade. Filthy Rich is a really light shimmery gold shade. Lick is a metallic finish and is a kind of warm gold shade. Snatch is one of the most stunning pinky champagne metallics I have seen. Plunge is a metallic dark copper kind of shade that leans a little more brown than orange. Subtle is a matte really soft brown shade. Quench is a matte yellow that doesn’t swatch well at all. Submerge is a matte bright blue. Splash is a matte minty kind of green shade. Drizzle is a dark warm toned matte brown shade.

This palette has a nice mix of shades and they all perform fairly well from what I can tell, some do better than others but all are still pretty good. The yellow shade is not as vibrant as I might like, but it is more vibrant on the lid than it is swatched, I think it’s a pretty clear difference. Divine is particularly beautiful and looks far more like silver on the eye than it did swatched. The shades that really stuck out to me are Splash, Divine and Taste Buds.

As a whole I am really happy with this palette, I think the colors make a lot of sense together but you can still add a fun pop of color to any look easily. These shadows really blend well together and they look fantastic on the eye, this is a very fun palette that I am happy to own.

What is your favorite summer eyeshadow palette?


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