June 2019 Nail Wrap Up

I am sharing all of the pretty shades of nail polish that have graced my nails this past month, so if you are interested in that sort of thing you should stick around because this one is going to be interesting for you. I only have five to share but I think that’s a pretty decent amount, so let’s just dive right on into it.

Let’s start with my least seasonally appropriate of all the shades that I wore, this is from the brand IndieAngel and is in the shade Scary Spice. This is the perfect fall shade if you ask me, it has some shimmer to and is dark, but it’s not black and is the perfect kind of dark pumpkin spice shade. I also like that this has sparkle to it, so when it catches the light it gives off a beautiful shimmer. I am very happy with this one and can see myself wearing it again in the fall time.

Up next is another one from IndieAngel and this one is in the shade Sea Monster, which is a stunning shade that I think screams springtime. This is a really pretty soft blue shade that has a slight gold/greenish shift to it that is really interesting. I think this is a more interesting pastel shade and the formula did pretty well on the nails.

My last IndieAngel polish is in the shade Fluffy and this is the one that I am most on the fence about, I’m just not sure if I love it. This a yellow sparkle polish and it just has a weird tone to it, it’s almost an orangey yellow but it’s just strange and this one might be getting passed along, I’m just not sure. The formula on this is fantastic though, these polishes are really great, the last well and they go on easily.

This is the I Scream Nails polish in the shade Gummy Bear, I have passed this one along because the formula wasn’t fantastic and the brush that I got was actually terrible, I think it was defective because I have never had this problem with any of the other shades from this brand.  I also did a fun accent nail with this one and was trying something new, that turned out pretty decently.

This one barely made it into the month of June but I did paint them this color on the very last day of June so it does count. This is a Glam Polish in the shade Unconditional, which I got during a mystery polish sale. I love this shade, it’s a beautiful base and the glitter is really interesting. I think this did pretty well at clinging to the nail even with the peelable base that I applied.

And those are all of the nail polishes that I have worn during the last month, a pretty good mix of shades. I am pretty happy with all of the shades and am only debating passing one along, we’ll see though.

What are your favorite brands of nail polish?


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