Why June 2019 Was Awesome + Goals

It’s July already, I am not sure how or when that happened but I guess it is time for a new month. June went by in a flash and I’m not sure that I like that, I am enjoying the warm weather and one of these summer months being gone is sad to me, however, there is still plenty of summer left so I’m not sad yet. Let’s stop talking about that and instead see if I can recount what happened during the quick month of June.

I think the month of June was pretty typical for me, a lot of the same because I am a very boring person. I have been working and just hanging out, I have fallen really behind on blog things and that has been kind of disappointing, but at the same time the month of June has been really calm and relaxing for the most part, which I think I really needed.

We officially have a full foundation on the house and a floor now, which is very exciting, and from what we have heard they will probably be needing shingles for the roof within the next three weeks which I am super excited to hear. I am ready for the house to be built and I am ready to move in already.

This month we also have a small housing changing, meaning we are now staying with my in-laws in their garage apartment, which is honestly really nice and has been really peaceful. I think this was a great choice to have made.

I think that’s really the only noteworthy things to mention about the month, June has been mostly good but also fairly boring, as most months are for me, so let’s just jump right in and see how my goals for the last month went.

Catching up on my reading challenge did not happen in the slightest bit, I really wanted to finish things and I’m not sure what happened completely but I didn’t finish a single book and I am disappointed in myself, hopefully, this next month will be a better one for reading. Working Out is not a goal that I would say I failed but I also didn’t smash it either, I had set guidelines for myself and did not reach them, however, I may have been a little jumpy with the amount that I wanted to do at first. I have been making an effort to get more steps in and to work out more so it’s a start for sure. Eating out less is something that I have been doing, however, I haven’t really done that well with not eating out as much at lunch, I really want to get better at this but we’ll see. And the last goal was to finish my makeup inventory, which might have been a bigger bite than I had realized. I have everything in my drawers organized and I have everything listed out on the spreadsheet, however I do not have all of the detail in the spreadsheet finished so this one might take a little longer than I thought it would.

Let’s talk about some goals for the month of July, starting with the fact that I want to finish at least five books by the end of July, I have fallen really behind on my reading challenge and I am not sure why I think I just haven’t been making enough time for reading and I really want to change that since I do love reading. I would also like to get on a better and more consistent workout schedule. I know at this point that I really need to lower my expectations a little bit and be more realistic about this schedule to start, so I am hoping I can figure this out. Along with that, I want to continue trying to work on eating out less, because lunch is a terrible time for me and I really need to pack lunch more.

And that is everything for the month, I know that my goals for this month are basically the same goals I had last month, however, I still want to work towards these things so that’s why they are goals for the month.

How has June been treating you guys?


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