Disney Inspired: Evil Queen from Snow White

I’m still on this Villain kick and at this point, I really want to see how many I can get done before I get bored of villains, so there will probably be another one next month but we will just have to wait and see what I actually settle on. For now, let’s dive in and see what I came up with.

These are the photos that I have used for inspiration for the Evil Queen, I wanted to take a more literal approach to her so I drew inspiration from some closer up photos. I can’t tell completely what shade her eyeshadow is, looking at it now it kind of looks grey-blue in one and purple in the other, so I went with purple in my look. Let’s check out what I came up with.

I want to start by saying that I know I probably won’t wear this low or heavy of blush ever again, if I do it’ll be few and far between, but something about the look of the blush makes me really happy, I just think it’s so fun and interesting. I also combined this with a purple eye and red lip, which is very evil queen.

I am actually really happy with this look, I think it’s pretty close to the original but not exactly like it, it does also remind me of a couple other characters but I think that’s alright because I like it.

What Disney villain should I do next?


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