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Review: Finding Ferdinand Custom Mini Lipsticks

I have something super fun in store for you guys today, or at least I think that it is super fun and I am very much excited about it. I have loved the idea of custom mixed lipsticks since I heard about them, but nowhere around me does them, not as far as I am aware anyway. So, I went searching on the internet and found Finding Ferdinand, which meant that I obviously had to try it out and that is why we are here today, so let’s get into it.

Finding Ferdinand is a company that does all sorts of custom makeup, though lipstick is where it’s really at if you ask me because you can really get to customizing these whereas the eyeshadows seem to be more of a thing where you are putting together a custom palette, which is nice but isn’t quite as fun as sliding the colors around and mixing a color that is exactly what you have in mind. I will say, I am still interested in trying out some of the other products now that I have tried the lipsticks, but they also aren’t super high on my to try list.

This brand does have a couple of physical stores but it appears most of their business is done online, which doesn’t bother me because they offer free shipping within the U.S. which is very nice. It does appear that this company does ship internationally, it looks like they will pretty much ship anywhere which is nice. And of course, it would be nice if they had more stores, but I also can understand how this might not be an on every corner kind of business The brand is also cruelty-free which is another plus for me. So, I think at this point it safe to say that this brand checks most of the boxes for me.

These were really fun to create, I know that it’s not quite as exact as being able to go in store and see these things being mixed right in front of you, but I do think the formula they have is pretty close to what you are envisioning.

The process is very simple, you go to the website and you can get either full size or mini sized like I did, once you have decided it pretty much walks you through the process.

It starts with choosing the color, you can choose up to four different colors from a selection of twenty-five base colors, you can mix them as you please and change the amount of each color to get the exact shade that you were thinking of. The only complaint I have about the colors is I think that they need a yellow so that it could really open doors to even more shades.

Once you have the color all settled and you know exactly what it is you want, you move on to picking out the finish, they have three which are matte, creamy and sheer, so all of your non-shimmer bases are covered. The next step is optional and newer as I did not get the chance to try this out, but it is the scent, they currently have three regular scents and one limited edition scent to choose from. The last thing you get to do is name your lip color and then add any additional notes that you might have.

L-R is You Are Berry Cute (Matte); Once and Flor-al (Sheer); What In Carnation (Creamy)

Now that I have taken too long and walked you through the process, let’s get into talking about the actual products. I will go from left to right, the left is their matte formula and I wanted to go for a more berry shade, however, I am not sure that I got quite there as much as I thought I was going to which I think is more my bad than anything else. So, the color wasn’t quite everything I wanted to go with the name but I love the shade still. I do really like the formula of this matte lipstick, it is very much a matte for a lipstick, it isn’t transfer proof or anything like that because it is still a lipstick after all, however it looks matte but it still feels comfortable on the lips.

The second shade is the sheer formula, I wanted to go for something a little bit darker since this is a sheer formula and I am really happy with how this color turned out, it’s almost like a slightly darker nude pink. I love this formula, this feels more like a lip balm than anything else, it is very moisturizing and comfortable to wear along with being super easy to apply. I don’t think this formula lasts very long on the lips at all, but I don’t think that is too surprising seeing as it is more lip a lip balm.

The last shade is the creamy shade, which is more of a pink shade which is what I was going for, I wanted something very springy and fun when I ordered these, so pink made a lot of sense. I like this formula of this one as well, this has no shimmer to it but this one does feel more moisturizing on the lips than the matte one, this one really glides on easily and lasts pretty decently on the lips.

Overall, I am really happy with how these turned out and how these wear, the whole process was really fun but also really easy.  I can see myself ordering more from this brand and I think it’ll be fun to play with.

Have you ever made a custom lipstick?


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