2019 · Face Mask Friday

Face Mask Friday: Patchology Moodpatch Perk Up Eye Gels

I’m not sure why but I decided to switch things up a little bit, I have plenty of face masks that need to be reviewed and plenty to talk about, however, I wanted to feature something a little bit different this month and that is why we are here, so let’s jump in.

As you already know by now I’m sure, this month is all about the Patchology Moodpatch Perk Up Eye Gels, these come in a set of five and will run you $15.00. I personally got mine from Ulta but you can also pick them up from their website directly, along with a few other places from what I can tell on their websites, such as Neiman Marcus, and Norstrom, which was a little bit surprising to see.

Let’s take a second to talk about packaging like I always do because I am a sucker for some packaging. These come in a box of five and the box matches each individually wrapped set of eye gels, so that’s cute. These are a really pretty shade of lighter green and in the corner is a little design that mimics the look of these eye gels which I think is cute too. So the gels are clear but in this they are white and have fun little specks in them, just like the product itself.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty, what you guys really want to hear about and that is all about these little patches themselves. These are eye gels so they are made out of something thin and sheer, I’m going to be honest and say that I’m not completely sure what but they are pretty cooling and stick to the skin.

This product features a lot of great ingredients such as Green Tea, Pine Leaf Extract, White Mulberry and features a lovely bergamot scent according to the description on the product. I’m not sure the scent completely, but they do smell kind of tea like and very much like citrus which is something that I am into.

I really enjoyed wearing these, they felt nice on the skin, they smelled really nice and it just felt like a relaxing experience. I also found that this left my under eye area feeling moisturized and a little bit more plump, which is what I was looking for when it came to trying out this product.

Overall, I really like these eye gels and can see myself picking up another box, infact I have already ordered the other two scents to try out along with this one, so maybe I will end up writing reviews about those, who knows.

What are your favorite eye patches?


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