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Try It Tuesday: Indie Angel Nail Polish

I am back with a fun Etsy product to talk about, I always love doing these posts and this month is no different, there is just something about Etsy things that make me happy, I think it’s just a love of small business and handmade things. Let’s stop chit chatting and get into talking about this brand.

This month I am talking about a trio of nail polishes from the Etsy store shopIndieAngel. I picked up three different shades because like usual it just feels like a really good number to get a decent feel for a line of products, plus I can never just chose once shade for a review so that’s why I have three to talk about today.

I’m going to take a minute at the beginning of this review to talk about the packaging, which you can see a bit in the header photo, enough to get my point across I think. I think that the packaging on these is really straightforward and simple, which as you might be able to guess is something that I enjoy. The font is really interesting looking and I love that it’s foil pink, it’s super cute and I really like that.

The other thing is the shape of the bottle, it’s nothing that out there or unheard of but it’s not the typical shape that I think of when I think of a nail polish bottle. The nail polish is really thin and wide, which I think makes for a really easy storage if you had a bunch of them. The last thing I want to say about the packaging it that it feels nice like your typical nail polish bottle, but seeing as they are all glass bottles I don’t think you can really get one that doesn’t feel nice.

Now, let’s get into talking about the polish which is why we are all here. I am going to split it up by each polish, starting with Scary Spice which is featured in the photo above. I really like that name and am entertained by it for whatever reason. I purchased this shade during the wrong season but I love the shade, I can already see myself rocking this shade a lot during the fall season. I think this polish went on really well and was pretty much opaque with one coat, I always like that, it makes for a really easy application.

Up next is the shade Fluffy which is the yellow shade in the photo above, I am going in order of the photos. The yellow as not what I expected it to be, but I think I actually like it more than I did when I first applied it. I think this one is a little bit thinner than the other two, two coats is pretty opaque but I can still see the white of my nails a little bit. The other thing that was kind of weird about this one was that it felt like it took so long to actually dry and I don’t know why, but it was annoying and because of that I did mess up a couple nails on my right hand.

Sea Monster is the last shade that you can see to the left of this text. This was the first one that I put on my nails and I really loved it. I love the soft blue shade of this and I love how it has a slight shift to it, it’s interesting while also being kind of subtle. I had no problems with an application on this one, two coats were enough and I am really happy with that.

So, overall I like these a lot, these are really pretty and well done. I do think that fluffy is a little bit sheer but that happens with all brands. I think that these last pretty well on the nails, I found that these lasted for probably about four days before they started to chip a little bit, these went on smoothly as well and I’m just happy with the overall quality of these. I could see myself purchasing more from this brand.

What are some of your favorite Etsy finds?


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