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Summer Clothing Wishlist

Since I have talked about the makeup that I have been lusting after and the makeup that I am just not interested in this season, I thought it would be fun to share some of the wardrobe pieces that I am lusting after to finish off this weekend, so let’s dive right on in.

Style & Co Cotton Tiered-Ruffle Hem Top – I love how simple this white tank is, it’s really cute and it does have a little bit of a twist to it that makes it a little more interesting.

Universal Thread Fanned Tassel Drop Earrings – I am very much interested in earrings right now, I’m not sure why this has come up but it has. I think these earrings are really fun while also not being too over the top.

Lauren Conrad Sleeveless Maxi Dress – I still love gingham and I think this dress is really adorable while not being too much, which I think is important when dealing with such a small print.

Old Navy Square Neck Linen Blend Jumpsuit – I have this jumpsuit in black and haven’t worn it yet, I think it looks great but I haven’t gotten to confidence to wear it out, however, I am still lusting after this one because it is so cute.

Wild Fable Canteen Crossbody Bag – I only like crossbody bags pretty much, I like the look of others but typically don’t like carrying them. So, this is right up my alley. I have wanted a round bag for a while I am just not sure that this will be big enough to carry the stuff that I want to carry around.

H&M Calf Length Skirt – I love the color of this skirt and I really love midi length skirts.

Old Navy Mid Rise Linen Blend Shorts – I have a bunch of these in various shades at this point and I really love this color, I must admit that I am not completely sure how these would look but I like them.

Old Navy Waist Define Square Neck Midi Dress – I just got a dress really recently in a pink shade that looks just like this and I love it, so naturally that means that I am lusting after another color, more so since it comes in denim. I just love the look of this dress and can see myself wearing it all summer long.

Universal Thread Geometric Three Tiered Earrings – I may have picked these up, I just really love the mix of metals and how simple they are without being too boring. I really love Universal Thread for earrings.

Keds Watermelon Sneakers – I love how cute these are, they might be a little bit too obnoxious for me but at the same time, I am really interested in these because I love Keds and these are super adorable.

Express Mixed Print Maxi Dress – I would never wear this because this is far too low cut for me, I still wanted to include this on my list because I love the look of this dress, it’s just really pretty.

ModCloth Quite Clearly Charismatic Midi Dress – And now it is time for another gingham print dress that I am lusting after, I love midi dresses and I love that this is navy instead of black which is nice to me.

ModCloth Fully Flowy Midi Skirt – I love this shade of green and this fits into that whole love of midi length things right now. The extra bonus that this skirt has pockets, I love skirts with pockets because it makes it super easy to carry things around with me at work.

Vintage Bag – I have shared this on another list and in this list I have talked about how I really just prefer crossbody bags, but something about this bag won’t get out of my head. I love the colors and the shades of this, though I don’t think I will end up with this.

Decidedly Delightful Leather Flats – I just like these, simple as that.

ModCloth Pleasant Temperament Cotton A Line Dress – I am not sure that I would wear this pattern but I really like it, I also love the green shade of this and I love the style of dress.

Skansen Strut Leather Clog in Navy – I already own these in brown but I wear them so much already that I am now looking at them in this color.

Clear Acrylic Earrings – These are so fun and then these also fit into my new earring obsession, I really want to pick up a pair of these and probably in the shape featured in the collage above.

I am looking back over this list and realizing that I like a lot of boring colors but these are the things that I am lusting after, I just like neutrals and I am happy with this list.

What are some trends you are all about right now?


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