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Summer Anti-Haul 2019

Since I talked about all of the things that I am lusting over yesterday, I figured it was time to talk about some things that I am just simply not interested in. So, today I am sharing an anti-haul for the summertime. I do for sure want to try and keep up with doing these more frequently because I think it’s helpful to talk about the things that I just don’t have interest in so I make sure I have a reminder as to why I don’t have interest in this product, just in case I have a week moment. Enough of that, let’s dive right on in.

Lunar Beauty Greek Goddess Palette – This palette just looks so boring and then there is a random kind of blue shade in the middle of it, it doesn’t make any sense if you ask me. I just don’t like the look of this palette.

Natasha Denona Sunset Palette – I am super interested in trying out some Natasha Denona shadows because I have heard nothing but good things about the brand and this is a more affordable than some of the other palettes, however, I am just not interested or excited about this one, it simply doesn’t inspire me.

Ace Beaute Oceanic Palette – I do love the blue and green shades, however, I am just not interested in a palette that is completely these two colors, I do not need it and will be passing on this one.

NYX x Aquaria Palette – I hate this, I just do not like the color story in the slightest bit. I think the shade range is very limited and simply not interesting, then there are random pops of color, it just doesn’t appeal to me.

Too Faced Shake Your Palm Palms Palette – This looks like a mini version of the sweet peach palette to me, which I have seen other people saying as well. I’m not particularly excited about the colors but the thing that bothers me more than anything is how the first two shades look like they don’t belong because the pan height is way too low compared to the others.

Urban Decay Game of Thrones Palette – I do really enjoy Game of Thrones and I love makeup, however, this collaboration just isn’t for me. I do not like the big bulky packaging of this, it looks nice but the functionality of this in my collection would just make it hard for me to store. I also am not feeling particularly inspired by the color ranges in this one, I do think it interesting how they are broken up into four sections but the colors are so boring.

Beauty Bakerie Breakfast in Bed Palette – I am sure I sound like a broken record at this point but this color story is so boring to me, these are all shades that I already own and am just not interested in adding into the hoard.

Dose of Colors Minnie Palette – I wanted to like this but I don’t, I think the packaging is really cute and I like the theming of this one but that is where it ends. The eyeshadows really remind me of the Modern Rennisance palette a lot, just with an additional black eyeshadow that I do not need.

Tarte Adelaine Morin Palette – This is another one that I am just bored with, this looks like palettes that Tarte has released before just with a bright yellow shade thrown in there. Also, if I am being honest, I know this doesn’t always mean anything but these look like they swatch terribly.

Lime Crime Lip Blaze – I don’t like the shades in there, nothing really stands out to me and I simply am not interested in picking anything up from this lip range.

Too Faced Tutti Frutti Pineapple Glow – I can’t stand the smell of pineapple, I am not sure what it is about it but it bothers me and I just don’t want to wipe it all over my face. I also don’t like the packaging of this.

Too Faced Natural Lust Palette – Once again I can’t stand the one random blue shade in this, it stands out to me and not in a good way, it just doesn’t make sense. I think the rest of the palette is fairly boring, I understand that it’s supposed to lean to more natural colors but it’s just too boring for me.

Morphe 39S – Since I have been complaining about the packaging I want to say that I don’t like how the row in the middle is bigger, it irritates me and just doesn’t look great. I also think that the all purple palette trend ship has sailed, like I still like purple looks but do we really need another purple palette?

Inc.Redible Baddie’s Got The Gold Highlighter –  I just think this is one of the more ridiculous looking products that I have seen and I don’t like the mix of so many shades.

Violet Voss Donut Palette – I love that this is smaller and I love that the outer design, I just don’t like the color story that much and it also bothers me that two of the purple shades look exactly the same to me.

Glam Lite Pizza Slice Palette – I have talked about the pizza palette before and I think this is a much better idea than that, this is smaller and looks like it would be less difficult to store. I still don’t like the theming of these though, I just think they are tacky.

Anastasia Alyssa Edwards Palette – I think this is the thing that I am the most on the fence about, I love Alyssa and I love Anastasia shadows, however, I don’t need these colors. I have seen comparisons to the Riviera palette and a lot of them look really similar so I don’t need this but at the same time I wouldn’t be shocked if I caved on this one.

Jouer Tan Lines Palette  – The reasoning behind this one is simple, I have seen the swatches and they don’t look great and I haven’t heard any good things about this one at all, so I will be skipping this one.

And those are all of the things that come to mind when I think about products I am just not interested in or really don’t like the look of. I didn’t intend for it to be so many eyeshadow palettes but that is how it ended up, I’m hoping to next one will be a little bit better of a mix of things and if not I am going to try and make it so.

What will you be skipping on this summer?


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7 thoughts on “Summer Anti-Haul 2019

    1. I may have purchased all three neon palettes because I seriously have no self control, but I am also trying to get through my palettes so that makes it okay, right? Haha.


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