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Review: Lush Cosmetics Moon Spell Bath Bomb

So, I may or may not have partly purchased this bath bomb because the tagline for it is Fights Evil, Wins Love. I am a huge fan of Sailor Moon, so when I saw that and it sounded something like a scent I would enjoy, I decided that I had to have it. So let’s settle on into a bath and have a chat about this one.

This is the Moon Spell bath bomb, this retails for $7.95 and comes in at a weight of 7 ounces, so a pretty good size if you ask me. This product is vegan and does come split in half already, so if you are something who prefers to use their bath bombs for two baths, this one will be great for you since it’s already done for you. This one is fun because it is two different colors but it also has a crescent moon popped out that fits into the top of it which I personally think is a really cute but subtle touch.

I think the design of this bath bomb is really fun and different, I also really love the shades they picked for this bath bomb as it just feels right. The pink and blue swirl together in the bath if you use them together and create a really lovely light lavender shade. I love that kind of color and I am really happy with how fun this bath bomb was in the water because it wasn’t attached which means that it swirled together really nicely.

Let’s switch this review up a little and take a minute to talk about some of the ingredients that are in this bath bomb. This one contains ingredients such as carrageenan extract, Brazillian orange oil,  and those are the only two things that really stand out from the typical bath bomb stuff, which I found a little bit surprising but I am perfectly fine with because this bath bomb is still great.

So at this point, you are probably thinking that this bath bomb has a citrus scent to it and if you are thinking that then you are correct. This bath smelled very sweet and very much like orange, which I personally really enjoyed. It wasn’t overwhelming in the slightest which was nice, this is on the lighter side of scents.

I think the last thing to mention is the feel of this in the water, I really liked it, I feel like this had an extra little punch of moisture to it and that is something that I can appreciate.

As a whole, I did really like this bath bomb and I could see myself picking up another one, it doesn’t have my favorite scent ever but it’s still really nice and simple, plus it leaves the water a really stunning shade that I actually love.

What is your favorite Lush product?


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