Review: Colourpop Creme Gel Liner Pots

I am back today with another makeup review today, this one is all about eyeliner and instead of talking about just one eyeliner I figured I would share all of the ones that I have purchased recently. Well, from Colourpop anyway, so I guess it is still talking about one formula but still, the different shades to perform a little bit differently so let’s dive in and see who holds their own.

I picked up six different shades because as anyone who has been here for a little bit knows, I can’t decide or control myself. These retail for $6.50 and you can currently only get it on the Colourpop website, as far as I know anyway.

I picked these up in the shades Exit which is white, Swerve which is black, Punch is a bright yellow, Zulu is a mint green, Over Board is a metallic kind of dark bronze and lastly Kicker which is a metallic silver. I did not realize that I bought two basics, two fun colors, and two metallics but I guess that worked out rather nicely as it gives me a good variety to chat about.

Let’s talk packaging for a minute, I like the packaging of these because they are very simple, they are just glass jars full of creamy product with a cap that matches the color that they are. This makes it super easy to tell which one you are grabbing when you are looking for one, so I for sure like that. I just really like simple packaging.

Now, let’s talk about the formula of these for a minute. There are some hits and misses within these but overall I think these eyeliners are actually fantastic. They are really creamy, which I like because it makes for a really smooth and easy application as they just glide right on. I don’t find that they are too creamy, I haven’t noticed them moving or slipping around, once they are dry and set in place they last for hours, I even struggled a little bit to get these completely off the lid, they did come off. These are serious in terms of staying power and I am very much impressed with these.

The lighter shades like Zulu and Exit are a little bit more difficult to work within the way that they are lighter and just don’t show up as well, however shades like Swerve and Kicker really stood out to me as they are both very pigmented and go on really nicely. The other two shades performed well also, I just think that the silver and black really stood out.

Overall, I really like these eyeliners and have picked up a hanful of others since my last order, so now I currently own either ten or eleven which is too many but I think that’s all I am going to go for with these. I think these really go on well, are ultra creamy but still last for a very long time which is everything I am looking for in a gel eyeliner.

What is your favorite brand of gel eyeliner?


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