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Review: Ace Beaute Slice of Paradise Eyeshadow Palette

It’s the weekend and I am excited! I am always excited for the weekend, it means I have time to mess around and do nothing in particular. Anyway, in honor of what is hopefully going to be a fun weekend, I decided to share a review of a really fun eyeshadow palette, so let’s just jump right on in and see how this goes.

I have been sitting on this review for far too long and I am finally getting around to sharing it with you guys, this is such a fun palette and I am very excited to be talking about it.

This is the Ace Beaute Slice of Paradise palette that I purchased just a little bit after it launched because I knew I had to have this stunning palette. This palette retails for $34.99 and can be purchased from their website directly and from Beauty Bay.

This one comes with twelve different shades of vibrant eyeshadows, mostly matte, to be more exact ten matte shades and two very pretty metallic shades of eyeshadow are what make up this palette.

Let’s talk a little bit about each shade on their own to get a closer look, starting with Daffodil which is a bright matte yellow that I am actually really impressed with, it’s a very true yellow as well. Persimmon is another matte, this one is more of a bright orange that reminds of the inside of a mango but a little more orange, it’s a really fun and pretty shade. Passion Fruit is matte and really bright orange, this does lean heavily into the orange-red category if you ask me and I really like that.

Flamingo is a really pretty soft kind of coral shade. Rose Finch is matte and is a really true hot pink, it’s super bright and fun. Starling is a bright purple kind of pink that is also matte. Peacock is the first metallic shade in this palette and quite possibly has the strangest name considering the color that it is. This one is a really pink leaning purple shade that is very pretty and shiny. Honeyberry is a matte purple shade, this feels like exactly what I would think of when thinking of purple, not dark nor light and doesn’t lean too warm or cool. It’s just right in the middle. Macaw is matte and might be the most disappointing of the shades, this is a dark blue that is just a little bit too chalky for my liking. Bluebell is shockingly matte, this one is much more of a vibrant blue and I think it performs better than the darker of the two. Fruit Dove is our other metallic and quite possibly the reason why I was drooling over this palette, this shade is a stunning kind of dark seafoam green color and it’s metallic so that makes it even better. Kiwi is the last shade in this palette and the last matte, this is a bright green matte shade that really reminds me of a true spring green.

This palette has a really good mix of shades, however if I had any complaints it would be that I am looking for a little bit more cool tone in this palette because a lot of this feels like it leans more towards the warm side of things, at least until you get to the last four shades. My other complaint would be that Rose Finch and Starling are too close of shades and when blended out they barely look different, I am not sure what color I would prefer to have but I know that I don’t think both of those are really needed.

These are the three looks that I came up with using this palette and I did these looks because I wanted to make sure that I used every shade.

Other things that I have noticed when using this palette is that Macaw doesn’t swatch well and thus far it doesn’t really apply great either, it is kind of patchy and a little bit hard to work with so I think that this is for sure the weak link of the palette. I also find that Peacock is not particularly metallic and kind of ends up looking a lot like Rose Finch and Starling, which is a little bit irritating. The cooler tones are what really shine in this palette if you ask me, Bluebell and Fruit Dove perform beautifully on the eye and are my two stars from this palette I think. I will say that I think Kiwi looks a little more limey blended out then it does swatched but I still enjoy it. I also think that the Persimmon, Passion Fruit and Daffodil are fantastic. I mostly am just grumpy about the similarities in some shades and the fact that Macaw just doesn’t seem to be up to par with the rest of the shades.

As a whole, I do really like this palette and am happy with this purchase, I think this is a fun palette and one that I can create different looks with, I just have a couple small complaints that I have already mentioned above.

What is your favorite colorful eyeshadow look?


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