Dupe: Beauty Bakerie vs. Makeup Revolution

It’s time for a dupe post, I believe I completely forgot to post one of these last months so I made sure to get one prepared to be up this month. Instead of going straight for makeup I have gone for an oil, just to switch things up a bit, though I have used both of these as primers almost exclusively. Let’s see how these hold up against one another.

I haven’t seen anything about these two being dupes, however to me they sound like similar products, so I thought I would put them up against one another and see how it went. The Beauty Bakerie Wake & Bake Oil is $28.00, comes with 0.30oz of product which breaks down to around $93.94 per ounce of product. This one also has a blend of eleven oils hydrate the skin, it claims to sink into the skin quickly and not leave your face feeling oily, which I do think it does.

I love the way that the Beauty Bakerie smells, it smells fresh and like lemongrass to me, but not too overwhelming which is a good thing. I think this feels fairly thick for an oil and very much oily, it does also feel a little bit on the oily side going on the skin as well but it sinks into the skin really well. I think that this really hydrates the skin and gave an extra glow to the skin however I am not sure that it did anything in particular for the lasting power of my makeup but like I said, it did give me a nice glow and left my skin feeling hydrated.

Now let’s talk about the Makeup Revolution Baking Oil and will run you $9.00 for .6oz of product, which comes out to around $15.00 per ounce, so this one is for sure on the cheaper side. This has a blend of natural oils that are supposed to boost radiance and nourish the skin. This is supposed to help with a silky base for your makeup.

This one feels like a thicker oil and does feel more oily to me, this one takes a little bit longer to sink into the skin as well but I do find that it does sink into the skin, just takes a little bit more time than usual. I don’t find that this really prolongs the wear of my face makeup either, but it does give me a little bit of a glow and does hydrate the skin. The last thing I want to mention is the scent of this, this just kind of smells like an oil, if that makes sense. It’s not offensive or anything but it’s not really a good scent.

Both of these can be used on other parts of the body and on the cuticles, however, I did notice that the Beauty Bakerie can be used on the lips whereas the Makeup Revolution does not mention being able to be used on the lips. The scent of these are very different, the Beauty Bakerie really wins in that category as well if you ask me. The Beauty Bakerie does sink into the skin quicker as well.

Now, for the question of are these dupes? I don’t think so. I think they are in the same vein but I notice some difference between these two products and if I am being honest, I do prefer the Beauty Bakerie Wake & Bake oil, I just think it overall is better than the Makeup Revolution. However, if you are looking to save a little bit of money, I think that the Makeup Revolution is also a nice oil and really helps give a glowy look to the skin.

What kind of dupe posts do you want to see?


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