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Review: Lush Groovy Kind of Love Bath Bomb

I was sure that I was going to hate the scent of this bath bomb but it was too pretty to pass up so I had to have it and at least give it a chance, so that’s why we are here today, to talk about this really colorful bath bomb that I was on the fence about just by the description. So, let’s jump into this bath and see how it went.

Today is all about the Groovy Kind of Love Bath Bomb, this one is a rainbow of colors and will cost you $7.95. This one is vegan, like most Lush products, so it’s good for anyone who would want to use it.

This one is full of great ingredients like rosewood oil, bergamot oil and ylang-ylang oil. This one is fairly simple and that’s why I wasn’t sure about the scent, I’m not typically a huge fan of floral things and this one for sure sounds like it is going to be floral.

This one did not smell particularly floral to me and that was something that I found kind of surprising, though don’t get me wrong, I did detect some floral to this bath bomb it just wasn’t overwhelming or in your face. I also find that the scent of this one is pretty bright and clean, which was surprising to me. The scent of this one is really subtle and very much not in your face in the slightest. It’s kind of nice and relaxing.

Since I have switched it up a bit in this post let’s finish this review up by talking about this bath bomb in the water. I want to start by saying that this bath bomb took forever to fizz away in the water. I also expected more of a show with this one, mostly a mix of more colors however mine did show up a little bit busted so that may be why it didn’t really have a rainbow of shades. This one was still pretty to watch as it did fizz out into a swirl of red, orange, pink and yellow which was nice. There was no glitter in the one and once if all finally settled it turned the water yellow, which I will endlessly complain about because yellow just isn’t the shade you would want to sit in the bath with.

Overall, I do like this bath bomb, it wasn’t one of my favorites of all time but I did enjoy it and could see myself picking up another one in the future but it wouldn’t be my first pick. If you are looking for something with a lighter scent and a slightly bright floral one, this one will be perfect for you.

What is your favorite Lush bath bomb?


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