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May 2019 Nail Wrap Up

It’s time to talk about all the times that I wore nail polish during the month of May, and as usual I had the hopes of doing more but May was a weird month for me and I just didn’t find myself doing them a whole lot, so I only have three manicures to show you guys but I am still very much excited to share.

First up is a manicure featuring one of my new favorite things, my I Scream Nails nail wraps. I don’t know if I’m ever going to do a full hand of them, but for right now I am just enjoying them as accent nails because they are cute. I paired this fun little seashell pattern with a polish from Deco Miam called Male Tears and I kind of love the shade, it’s such a soft light blue shade.

Next up might be my favorite nails that I have done all year, once again featuring some fun nail wraps from I Scream Nails, which I am far too into. This lemon is my favorite, it’s so simple but just adorable and this one clung to my nails for at least a week before it started to peel off around the edges. The polish I paired this with is a China Glaze polish in the shade Werk It Honey, which is my favorite light yellow polish of all time, it just looks great if you ask me.

The last one that I am sharing for this past month is really simple, I used Zoya’s Blue and it’s really pretty. I will say, looking at this one and the one above, I am not sure if I need both so one of these things might be leaving my collection this month, I feel like it has been a minute since I’ve decluttered polish.

And those are the three times I wore nail polish this month, I really enjoyed all of them and I think I would have painted them more had I not work the yellow one so long but I did as I really enjoyed the look of it, I’m even thinking about doing it again sometime.

What are your favorite nail colors for the summer season?


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