May 2019 Lifestyle Favorites

My last post was all about my beauty favorites from the last month so naturally, that means today I will be talking all about all of the other random favorites that I have been loving this past month. So, let’s not waste any time and just dive into this one.

I do not have a book to share with you guys this month because I have not finished reading a book completely this month, which is really a letdown, but I have fallen off really hard when it comes to reading. I do want to talk about a show that I have been watching because I have fallen down a weird hole, I have been watching The Carrie Diaries. I watched a few episodes once upon a time, but I have been watching it a lot as of recently and been enjoying it enough to share it on here as a favorite.

I have been enjoying listening to Wallows a lot as of recently and have been really enjoying it. I have also been spending some evenings alone because of my husband taking a class, so I have been having a lot of evenings cleaning and having dance parties by myself, which has kind of been a favorite since it is super fun.

As for snacks I have really been enjoying snacking on Trader Joes Cornbread Crisps sometimes by themselves and sometimes with cream cheese, either way, I have been enjoying these.

I have been really enjoying organizing and starting to work on my makeup inventory, I’m not sure why but I love doing this and have been really enjoying looks at the things I own, even though I’m nowhere near done.

And those are all of the random favorites from the month of May, nothing too exciting though all things that I have been enjoying a lot. It’s not a whole lot but I try to keep these fairly honest.

What are some of the random things you guys have been loving as of recently?


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