Why May Was Awesome + Goals

It is the start of a new month and I am so excited to be in full swing of warm weather, I’m not sure anyone else around me feels the same way but I love it. I am also excited to be done with everyday in May, while I had fun it was also a challenge so going back to my typical schedule sounds a lot more enjoyable. Let’s just get into it and talk about how May went for me.

May started off with a visit from my mom and my sister, which was interesting as it usually is. It was nice seeing them and we did some fun things, though I did have to work a few of the days they were here. So that is what kicked off my month.

As usual, I have been living a pretty boring life, just working and blogging every single day, the usual. That was a bit of a challenge but I guess it wasn’t that different than my usual schedule, but it was still a challenge and I had fun doing it, I am looking forward to going back to have a few days where I don’t post.

Something I did do somewhat recently is I removed Facebook from the home screen of my phone and that has been great, I still get on from time to time but for the most part, I don’t participate, except when it comes to messenger because I use that daily to keep in contact with various people. I don’t think I have mentioned this already but if I have I am sorry, just know that I am really enjoying not mindlessly scrolling through Facebook.

Something else really exciting happened this month, we finally started building our future house, so far they are working on the foundation and I am very excited about it. I am ready for it to be done already and I am ready to get moving, but I know I will have to wait for that, of course.

Now to recap my goals, starting with catching up with my reading challenge which has failed miserably, I am currently juggling three or four books but have not finished any of them as of yet, so I have fallen even more behind this past month. Sticking to my budget is something that I’m just not going to mention until I actually do well because this month was rough. I just had a weird May and lose my self-control when I am stressed or sad. As for using up more products, I have crushed that goal into the ground for sure, which I am excited about and won’t say too much about because I do have an empties post coming up in the next week.

Now, for some goals to set for myself starting with catching up on my reading challenge, even if I don’t catch up all the way I really want to be able to say I have caught up somewhat over the next month, so it looks like reading will be in my future. I want to start working out again, I have been on and off this ride more times than I can count, but I really need to buckle down and focus, so I have a plan and am hoping to crush it this month. Coupled with that I want to try and eat out less especially at lunch, which is really the only time I have a problem with this, mostly because working in an office is rough when someone goes ‘You got lunch plans?’. I think the last thing that I am going to mention is finishing my makeup inventory, this is something that I just recently started and am trying to keep track of for many reasons, so I am hoping to be finished with this one by the end of June.

How has May been treating you guys?


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