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Review: Lush Kappa Bath Bomb

This fun looking little one is the one that I saved for last this month. I do have more bath bomb reviews coming up over the next few months, then I’m sure there will be holiday ones so the reviews will never end, they just won’t be as heavy as they were this month. I wanted to talk about this one last because it feels like a good bath bomb to take you into summer, it’s very fresh and bright so let’s talk about it.

This little one is the Kappa bath bomb, this one is vegan and will run you $7.25.

This one is interesting and full of ingredients such as cucumber powder, cistus oil, Sicilian lemon oil and oakmoss absolute. This one for sure has a little bit of a strange mix of ingredients but I think that is what makes this one so interesting, at least on cold sniff it is for sure interesting.

 Upon first sniff of this bath bomb I was very excited because it was fresh and smelled nothing like anything from Lush I had ever smelled before. This smells like watermelon with a hint of earthy-ness to it, which I thought was really interesting and I was super excited for.

Once I tossed this in the water this smelled a lot more like cucumber to me, it was still a really fresh but did not smell like the slightly sweet watermelon I was getting at first. Honestly, for me I liked this at first but as I sat in the bath longer the scent started to give me a headache, it was just too strong and I did not care for it. The scent of this one does linger on the skin for a little bit, so if you like the scent then it will be a great thing for you.

On a good note, I do love the shade of blue that this bath bomb turned my water, it was just so bright and so blue which is a color that I love.

This felt really nice in the water as well, though believe it or not, the eyes were not made of cocoa butter which was a bit surprising because I feel like every time I see eyes on a Lush product they are cocoa butter. Either way, this bath bomb still felt really nice in the water and left my skin feeling good, that’s always a plus.

I did not like this bath bomb, mostly because I did not like the scent, if you are into a very fresh scent that is strong and smells like cucumber then you will probably like this one, I think it’s worth a shot for something a little bit different. Though I will say, if you do have a particularly sensitive nose then I most pass on this one.

What is your favorite type of scent?


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