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Review: Lush Bunny Moon Jelly Face Mask

I have another Lush review today but it’s not a bath bomb, instead, I am talking about a fun jelly face mask from the regular range, which is exciting if you ask me. Also, I may or may not have purchased this one because the name reminds me of Sailor Moon, not sure if that’s what it supposed to make you think of or not but that is what it makes me think of. So let’s dive in and get into talking about this one.

The Lush Bunny Moon Jelly Face Mask will run you $13.95 and this one is not vegan as it does have honey in it, so be aware of that if you do avoid non-vegan products.

This one is full of fantastic ingredients such as honey, kaolin, chamomile and marigold petal infusion, rose oil and vanilla absolute to name just a few of the products featured in this fantastic face mask.

Let’s talk about this scent of this product for a minute to get that out of the way. I really like this scent, I can’t really pinpoint exactly what this smells like but it is a very light and soft scent, it does smell a little bit like honey and maybe chamomile a tiny bit? I’m not completely sure, but I do like the scent and I don’t think it’s overwhelming in the slightest bit.
This face mask claims to be moisturizing and calming, which I think it does both of these. I think that this is a fantastic face mask for the colder months of the year when I am finding myself having more issues with dry skin, however, if you just have dry skin all year round then I think this one would also be really fantastic for you. I find that this does calm the redness on my face a little bit, not that I have a ton of redness, to begin with, and I think that is a really nice added bonus. I think this mask does what it claims and is really gentle on the skin, so if you have sensitive skin I think this one would be good for you, or at least gentle enough to try out and see how it goes.

The last thing I want to go over a little bit is how you apply this because if you haven’t used one of these jelly face masks before then it is a little bit on the odd side of things for the first time. This is more solid so I kind of break off a small chunk, rub in between my hands and then apply it all over the face. It’s not too hard to deal with.

I like this face mask and could see myself picking it up again in the future, probably closer to the cooler months of the year but still trying it again because I did like it.

Have you tried a jelly face mask yet?


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