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Eye Makeup Tutorial Featuring Anastasia Riviera Palette

I had a lot of fun writing the last one of these so I thought that I would do another one of these, especially because this eyeshadow palette is so fun and perfect for the summer season. So, let’s just jump in and see the eye look that I came up with.

Like all eyeshadow looks I started out by priming my eye with my current favorite primer, which is the Too Faced Shadow Insurance, just to give myself a nice sticky base to start with.

I started out by blending the shade Monte Carlo into the crease and just a little bit above, nothing too neat or out on control.

Next, I went into the crease with a sharper focus using the shade Bahamas, just to brighten up the crease a little bit. Those two shades seriously work well together.

I missed a step so there will be a few steps in this one, I used the shade Cannes in the crease a little bit and the outer corner. I then went in with my NYX base in skin tone and cut the crease halfway, then I went in with the shade Mediterranean.

Next I went in with a little bit of Palermo in the crease, then I went in with Colourpop prance eyeliner on the waterline. I also used a mix of Monte Carlo, Bahamas and Cannes under the eye.

I finished this look off with the Benefit roller liner and the roller lash mascara, a step you can’t miss with a good eyeshadow look.

And this is the finished look that I came up with, I really like it though I think I could have been a little bit neater with cutting the crease but I am still really happy with how this came out.

Should I do another tutorial in the future?


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