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Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Rivera Eyeshadow Palette

I feel like I am so late on this one but I wanted to get a chance to try out all the shades and have a more proper opinion about this one, so that’s what I have done. However, I also wanted to make sure to get this out before summer really started because this is a fantastic summer palette if you ask me, so let’s just get into it and start chatting about this palette.

As you probably already know today is all about the Anastasia Riviera eyeshadow palette which retails for $45.00, comes with 14 shades and can be found at multiple retailers. I personally picked mine up from Ulta, just because I like their point system best.

Now before we get into the colors themselves I wanted to shake it up a little bit and talk about the packaging for a minute. This is seriously some of my favorite packaging from Anastasia, I am so happy that it doesn’t have that awful velvet texture but instead a weird stiff jean kind of texture, still not my favorite but for sure a step up from the velvet if you ask me. I also love the stripes and the gold lettering, it’s very nautical and very on theme with the palette. So this packaging is gets an A in my book.

I am not sure what it is about the inside of this but looking at this makes me very happy, it’s just a good mix of fun colors along with the fact that it is laid out in a very visually appealing way.

This palette comes with five mattes, three pressed pigments, four metallics, and two duo chrome shades, which is a fantastic mix and something that I am not sure I have ever seen this brand do before so I am a big fan of it, it gives a lot of different formulas and shades to play around with.

Let’s go over each shade a little bit starting with Sails which is a matte white shade, a shade that I am not quite sure how to use and wish was your standard cream shade however it is not so I will try and work with it. Yacht is a stunning bronzy taupe shade with a shift to it and I quite like that, it’s neutral and interesting. Seychelles is a shimmer blue shade that is perfect and reminds me of the ocean. Palermo is a stunning metallic cranberry shade that is so unique to my collection. Seaside is one of the more interesting shades, it’s kind of a silvery shade with a clear purple shift to it, I really love it. Inheritance is your average gold shade, this palette would not have been complete without it but it’s nothing super interesting either. Mediterranean is the last shade in this row and this swatch, this one has the most fall out but is still very pretty, just a little tricky to work with. I love the dark blue shade and the bits of glitter in it that make it extra sparkly.

Estate is almost that matte cream color I was talking about earlier but far more peach tones, I think this one is great to blend out any warm look a little bit. Cabana might be the shade that made me most excited about this palette, I love this muted kind of mustard shade that is everything I wanted it to be. Coastline is a matte peach shade, it’s very pretty and very simply that. Bahamas is the first pressed pigment in this palette and boy is she bright, I love this neon though I did find that it stained my lids a tiny bit. Monte Carlo is a stunning kind of flamingo pink, which is beautiful, this is just a regular matte and preforms beautifully. Cannes is the other pressed pigment and it’s a really fun bright purple that also stained a little bit. Palm is the last shade and is very dark matte brown shade that leans more on the warm side of things, this one is a great addition and I think makes it a lot easier to come up with neutral looks using this palette.

The matte shades in this palette are amazing, as they usually are, I think Anastasia produces some of the most pigmented but still easy to work with matte shades out there. I also think that the pressed pigments are great, a little bit goes a long way and while they do stain a bit, that’s nothing unusual for pressed pigments. The metallics are all pretty good as well though some of them have a little bit more fallout than I might like, especially the duo chrome shades, they are still fairly easy to work with you just have to watch out for some glitter falling out.

These are the three looks that I came up with to feature in this blog post, I really should have tried to do something slightly more different with the first and last one, however, I was trying to finish up using all of the shades and with what I had left the last one is the outcome and possibly my favorite of the three looks.

I really love this palette, I think this is one of the best palettes from the brand that I have tried out in a while and I think the color range is really interesting. I think you can come up with some more neutral and toned down or something bright and bold, it has a pretty good range and I think it is just perfect for the upcoming summer season.

What is your favorite Anastasia palette?


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