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Stitchfix Summer Lookbook

I have a love-hate feeling towards surprises, I don’t like people to surprise me but I love gifts and mystery boxes, so getting these are really exciting to me because I don’t know what’s inside. I love doing these and don’t do them nearly as much as I want to, but I am excited to share some outfits that I would put together on the blog today. So let’s dive right in.

It’s been a while since I have written one of these posts which means I am a little bit out of practice, which also means that I forgot to keep the piece of paper with all the info about these items, so I will just be sharing outfit inspiration based on my most recent stitchfix box.

The piece they sent me was this striped jumpsuit, that just didn’t look great on me but I wish it hadbecause this is a gorgeous piece. I know this might be a little bit heavy for summer but I styled this jumpsuit with a pink and cream loose knit cardigan from a local boutique and a pair of cream sandals that I think make for a perfect dinner date outfit. It’s very simple but I think that everything goes together rather nicely.

This next one might be my favorite look out of this entire post, but that may also be because I am obsessed with this yellow raincoat that I picked up this past year, it’s just so cute and classic, but also makes a fun addition to any outfit.

The piece in this outfit from stitchfix is the skirt, which is something that I have wanted to try for a while and am super glad to have gotten the chance to do just that. This denim button up skirt seems like a really fantastic basic piece, it can be mixed up with just about anything to become a little more dressy or stay really casual. I paired this with one of my favorite Target tee shirts that I never wear enough, this really fun yellow raincoat that is perfect for random summer rains and a pair of gingham black and white keds to round out the outfit.

My next pick is something that feels a little bit childish but I still think is really cute, childish and all.

The piece I received from stitchfix was this dress and I adore this dress, though I did return it simply because it was too low cut for my to wear to work and I try not to keep things in my wardrobe that I can’t wear every day. And while I could have styled it like this photo, I am just not personally sure about the whole tee shirt under a dress trend on myself. Anyway, this denim dress is super adorable and perfect for the summertime, it even has pockets.  I paired this with a fun rainbow striped tee shirt underneath the dress and a simple pair of pink vans that complete this really fun outfit.

This next one is something I am still not completely sure on but I think I like the look of because sometimes I like to mix patterns, although I do know that sometimes it can be a mess and I am hoping that this one isn’t.

I got this yellow and white striped button up from stitchfix and it does have a tie at the bottom, a tread that I kind of hate and don’t understand why it’s popping up everywhere. This is why I tucked this shirt in particular. I paired this shirt with a pair of fun black and white gingham shorts that have ties on the bottom, I seriously love these shorts and think they are too cute. I also paired these with my current favorite cream strappy sandals. I wanted to try and keep everything else to a minimum since this outfit does clash a tiny bit but overall I like the look of it.

And for my last piece I kept the outfit really simple, partly because I just wasn’t sure how else to style this and partly because after my last outfit I though finishing with something simple would be great.

The piece I received from stitchfix is the shirt, if you couldn’t tell by the fact that I forgot to hide the tags in this photo, this shirt is super adorable. This shirt was a bit cropped and the buttons are not functional. I love this gingham print if you couldn’t already tell by the other outfits in this post, and I love the color of this. I paired this with a pair of ankle dark wash denim jeans that I think provide a really nice contrast, I also paired this outfit up with my favorite and only pair of vans, which I think adds a nice touch of light color to this casual outfit.

And those are all of the items that I got in my most recent stitchfix unboxing, I think they do a really great job at getting my style and really understanding it. I feel like these picks felt really personalized as they usually do and I really like that.

Should I do these more often?


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