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Revisit: NYX Liquid Suede

I am throwing it back to another old favorite that I feel like I haven’t touched in a while, this was once in a yearly favorites post of mine from years past, so let’s not waste any time and dive right into things.

This month I am revisiting another lip product, this one is all about NYX Liquid Suede in the shade Soft Spoken, this will run you about $7.00 and comes with a total of 0.13oz of product, which comes out to a total about $53.85 per ounce of product.

This product is a classic lip product if you ask me, it seemed to be a favorite of the community for a while however I haven’t heard anyone talk about these in a little while, which gives me even more of a reason to bring these back out of the drawer and see how it goes.

As usual let’s take a minute to talk about the packaging, which isn’t my favorite. I just don’t love the look of it even though I do really enjoy that you can tell what color it is from the outside, but other than that I think the packaging looks and feels a little bit cheap. Not like it’s going to break or fall apart, but just not the best, however, this is a $7.00  lipstick so you can’t be but so mad at it. The wand is pretty nice, it’s a longer more flat wand which makes the application really easy if you ask me, I find it easy to line and fill with this wand.

Now let’s get into what really matters, the formula of this. I love the formula of these liquid lips, they are really long wearing without being too drying and I don’t find that they really crack too badly either. They do dry down and feel a little bit drying to the lips, but nothing that I would expect from a liquid lipstick. The smell just kind of has a generic lipstick kind of smell to it. I think these hold up pretty well to most foods, though if you are going for something on the greasier side of things or with more mouth contact than your average food, this will for sure need reapplication after that.

So, overall I still really like this lipstick and understand why I wore it so much in the first place, it is a really flattering shade and it’s a pretty great formula, on top of that all it is really affordable.

What’s your favorite liquid lipstick formula?


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