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Disney Inspired: Mother Gothel from Tangled

I am still on a roll with this Disney villains this month, I’m still not sure how long I am going to go with the villains as there are far more villains than princesses, but I am still on this train for now so let’s just jump right on in and see what I came up with for Mother Gothel.

These are the photos that I have used for my inspiration this month, so based on these photos you might be able to tell that I planned on going for a more literal interpretation of her. She wears makeup so it just made more sense to me, although I guess a really rich red and gold look could have been pretty too, but that is not what I went for so let’s get into looking at what I came up with for this month.

This is the look that I came up with and I am quite happy with it. The eye look is a little bit more golden and bright than Mother Gothel’s but I think it is still really pretty and looks a lot like Mother Gothel to me. I am very content with this one.

I think this looks overall is pretty spot on, I am really happy with it and I think this is probably one of my better Disney inspired posts, which probably has something to do with the fact that it is a very simple and basic look, but either way I think this is one of my best.

What character should I do next? Should I continue on with doing villains?


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