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Review: Golden Pear Bath Bomb

I never did get a chance to sniff the soap when it was out around Christmas because I never went in the store and I am not really interested in soaps, but when I sniffed this I knew I had to get more. So, let’s not waste any time and instead just hop right into the review of this great bath bomb.

Today’s focus will be on the Golden Pear Bath Bomb from Lush, this is from a scent family that already exists and works great as a bath bomb if you ask me. This one will run you $5.95, is vegan and features ingredients such as fair trade organic cocoa butter, cardamom oil, Brazillian orange oil, sandalwood oil and fair trade shea butter, which means that this one sounds like it is going to be really moisturizing.

When you throw this one into the water it is a bit on the slow side of things to completely fizz away, it’s also just orange so it’s nothing too exciting to watch fizz around the bath tub, but that’s alright. I do really enjoy the shade of orange it leaves the water, which I will drop a photo of down below, it’s just a really pretty peachy shade of orange but it’s also kind of milky looking and I am not sure why but I really love the look of that. This one also has a small amount of gold glitter in it, which is a nice touch, it’s very subtle but it is there.

The feel of this is wonderful because it has a layer of butter in the middle it is super moisturizing and leaves my skin feel very soft. This feels very luxurious in the bath.

Now to talk about the part the really matters, which is the scent. I really love the scent of this, I am not sure that I would say it smells like a pear in particular to me but it does have a very distinct fruity scent that is really enjoyable. This also has a nice mix of spice in it, it’s a very interesting mix and it feels very Christmasy to me, which I guess makes sense when you remember that this scent came from the Christmas range originally.  It a very spicy and fruity mix that I thought was really relaxing.

Overall, I really love this bath bomb and would completely repurchase this one, even though I already have one or two back ups as it is because I got these from the U.K. first so I figured I’d pick up a few. I just think this smells really nice, interesting and really reminds me of Christmas.

What’s your favorite holiday scent?


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