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First Impression Friday: Colourpop Ursula Highlighter

I’m not sure what it is about first impressions but I love writing them, it’s probably because it gives me a reason to delve into products I have been neglecting along with the fact that this is like a really simple and laid back review, which is always nice to write if you ask me. So, let’s see how my first time with this highlighter went.

On this lovely Friday, I will be focused on some Villains or more specifically one villain. The one is all about the Poor Unfortunate Souls highlighter that was recently released from Colourpop. This was part of the new Disney Villains range and will run you $10.00, which sounds like a pretty good price for a decently sized highlighter. Plus this one features one of my favorite Disney villains, Ursula.

Let me take a minute to talk about the packaging on this one, they were on their A game with the Villains packaging. I think this is above and beyond what I had expected from this collection after the Princess collection. This highlighter is very well branded to the villain, the top of this features a neon of Ursula which is beautiful and the back features the gorgeous wave/tentacle print that is on a lot of the Ursula themed packaging. I think it’s a really pretty print. Also, I love the holographic inside of this highlighter, it’s just so pretty.

Now to talk about the formula, like most Colourpop highlighters that I have tried this one is very much pigmented and very much blinding, even if it doesn’t look quite like it in the photo. This also has a purple and blue shift to it, so it is for sure not a natural colored highlighter, which I don’t mind sometimes. I think the applies really well and blended out even better, I did want a little less in your face of a look on this day. I will say that the formula of these powder are a bit strange but so are all other Colourpop powder products that I have tried, except the pressed palette shadows, so I think applying these with your finger make life a lot easier but if you do use a denser brush it still works fairly well.

I am all about this packaging, it’s what drew me in and it’s why I purchased so much from this collection, however, I am still really happy with the product inside. I think this is an interesting shade of highlighter and it’s not too dark, which is nice for me. I think it’s easy to blend out somewhat and really easy to build up for some huge sparkle if you are into that sort of thing. So far, I love this highlighter and am not regretting it.


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