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Review: Lush Sushi Bath Bomb

Yesterday I talked about another food shaped bath bomb, so I thought that I would keep up that theme by sharing another food shaped bath bomb with you guys. This one is all about the Sushi bath bomb, which is super adorable in it’s own way. So, let’s take a bit out of this one and see how it goes.

The Sushi bath bomb that will run you $6.45 and is one of the stranger shaped Lush bath bombs because it is round but it is flat, I do think it’s one of the better-shaped ones though since it feels less likely to get destroyed.

This bath bomb features some great ingredients such as Brazillian orange oil and Sicilian red Mandarin oil. Not a lot to this bath bomb, so I assumed the scent of this one would be very much in the citrus vein.

I think the look of this was perfect, you know exactly what it is by looking at it. What was surprising about the design to me is that the middle is a piece of fun, which I had not known nor had I expected. I think that was a really fun and cute touch, so I used that piece of fun to shave and wash off with. I think this was the red fun and if not it smelled a lot like it, which is always welcome in my book.

This is very much a citrus scented bath bomb, which isn’t too surprising considering the description and the ingredients. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting this to smell like but it wasn’t citrus, however, I am glad that it does because it’s a fantastic smelling bath bomb. It’s a very light but truly orange scent and it lingers on the skin ever so lightly which I like.  I am very much happy with the scent overall.

The appearance in the bath was a little bit of a letdown, nothing too terrible but it just left the water looking a light and milky shade of grey. It also has the finest amount of glitter in it which I didn’t mind at all.

Overall, I do like this bath bomb and I do think it was really fun while also being a tiny bit lackluster. I would purchase this again for the scent, for the fact that it looks like a piece of sushi and for the fact that I think the piece of fun in the middle is super fun. I’m not sure that it would be my first pick but if I were in the store or already making an online purchase I could see myself throwing one in my basket.

What is your favorite Lush bath bomb?


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