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Review: Lush Strawberries & Cream Bath Bomb

I hope you guys are ready for a ton of different bath bomb reviews in the next few months because I have spread them out throughout the month of September, I just didn’t want to overload you guys too much but I have also purchased too many bath bombs from the recent huge release. Today we are focusing on just one little bath bomb though, the strawberries and cream, so let’s sink on into a bath.

This is the Strawberries & Cream bath bomb from Lush, this recently came out with there new 50+ bath bombs. This one will run you $5.95 and is Vegan.

This one features a lot of fun ingredients such as fair trade organic cocoa butter, olibanum oil, bergamot oil, geranium oil, strawberry powder, fair trade shea butter, and black pepper oil. This one appears to be chock full of oils and fun ingredients, which I’m sure is what gives it the great scent that it has.

For having so many different things in it, the scent of this way too cute bath bomb is actually really soft and not too in your face, which is nice sometimes. Sometimes you just want a soft, sweet and relaxing bath.

This smells a lot like the American Cream scent from lush but more strawberry scent to it, it’s really nice but not overly sweet or artificial which I am happy about because this could have gone very much in a cough syrup direction. It just smells so light and fluffy.

This bath bomb wasn’t anything exciting to watch fizz away and it was a super quick fizzer, but it did leave the water looking orangey-red which is a nice shade for this bath bomb.

I found this one to be super moisturizing, I am sure it’s the oils in it, but it’s above what I had expected from it. It left my skin feeling a tiny bit on the oily side of things as if I had applied lotion, but that’s not a problem for me. I just want to point it out because I know not everyone likes that.

I enjoyed this one, it’s on the smaller side of things but it’s also a cheaper bath bomb so I don’t mind that it’s smaller in the slightest bit. I loved how this smelled, I liked that it left me feeling moisturized and basically took a step out of my routine. I would pick this little guy up again if I was making a purchase or was browsing around the store.

Have you tried any of the new bath bombs?


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