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This or That Tag

I have done this tag before but it has been a couple years almost, so I thought that this would be something fun to do and see how and if my answers have changed. So, let’s have a slight blast from the past and do the this or that tag.

Blush, I think this will forever be my answer because as much as I try to get into bronzer I am not sure that I will ever really know what to do with it. Plus blush comes in so many pretty shades.

I was a lip gloss hater for a while but I think at this point I might say that I lean a little bit more towards lip gloss, though I also love lipstick. I just love lip products as a whole.

I’m going to have to go with mascara, while I love me some eyeliner, I think eyeliner without mascara just looks weird however the other way around is fine.

I would probably go with concealer, I just think it would be better for me if I could only have one, that way I could cover up any of my problem areas on my face.

Colorful all the way, I don’t know what it is but this year has been the year of color, I’m not sure that I’ve touched a shade of brown this year at all and honestly, it’s been really fun, even if it probably is too much to wear to work.

Pressed eyeshadow for sure!

If I could only have one it would have to be brushes, because as much as I love my sponge to apply cream face products, I don’t think it would get me past there and I know that I would make brushes work for foundation.

I like somewhere in the middle most, but if I had to chose it would be short nails. I can’t stand long nails, they are just too difficult for me to deal with.

Natural for sure, I’ve never had acrylic nails before and I do not plan on getting them.

I think I have to go with brights, though truthfully my heart belongs to pastels and glitters, I do like a good mix of shades. But, if I had to pick it would be brights.

Since my last one, this answer for sure has changed. I am a perfume girl all the way, I am pretty picky about scents still but I prefer a perfume as it usually lasts longer and just smells better.

It really depends on how I am feeling but I think I would go for lotion more often, just something lighter but still moisturizing.

Body wash, I am not a soap bar user at all.

Lush all the way, I do like to try Indie brands and other brands when given the chance, but when it comes down to bath products Lush is my jam.

This mostly depends on where I am and hat I am doing, I prefer sweats though because I am lazy and like to be comfy.

This is another one where it really depends on what season it is and how I am feeling, but like all of these, if I had to pick just one then I would pick short sleeves because I could layer a jacket over it. Unless of course, it means short-sleeved jackets.

Right now I would have to say long skirts, I don’t know what it is but I am very much into skirts right now and have been really interested in midi and maxi skirts.

Stripes for sure!

Sandals are much better if you ask me.

I would probably have to go with scarves though I also like hats.

I like a healthy mix of both but more often than not I go for studs.

Necklaces for sure, I am not much of a bracelet girl.

Flats, I am not a heels girls in the slightest.

Riding boots, I do not like cowboy boots in the slightest bit.

Hoodies are way more comfortable than jackets but jackets are usually warmer.

I really prefer curly hair though I never take the time to actually do my hair, in either way, curly or straight.

I wear ponytails a lot more because it’s much easier to wear and just throw up, however, I do like the look of buns a lot more.

Bobby pins all the way!

Neither one, I am not one for hair products particularly.

Long hair, I am growing mine out currently even.

I prefer darker hair but really somewhere in the middle.

Sideswept bangs, I do not look good with full bangs as I feel like most people don’t, there are totally some people who can rock bangs for sure, just not me.

I like my hair better down but I wear it up more often to keep it out of my way.

I am a summer lover hands down, which most people who have been here before probably know, I hate winter.

Vanilla is the flavor that I prefer, it’s so underrated.


Sunrise for sure, starting your day out this way is fantastic.

Cake, I for sure prefer cake.

Hot Fudge. Hot fudge sundaes are the best.

I love both! Apples are probably what I prefer though.

While I love both stores and have been getting into Sephora more, but Ulta will always be my favorite. They have a great mix of products and their rewards program is so much better.


East coast obviously.

I would rather be hot than cold.

I like both but I think I am going to with fall.


Books, for sure books. Always going to be books too.

Shine. I hate the rain more than anything.


And those are all of my answers for the this or that tag, I think this was pretty fun and  I really enjoyed it. I’m not sure what it is about answering questions but it’s really fun, so I think it’s safe to say that I really like tags. If you want to do this tag feel free to do and let me know if you do so I can check out your post.

What’s your favorite tag?


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