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Review: Lush More Tea and Sympathy Bath Bomb

Since today is Mother’s Day here in the U.S. I thought that I would share a fun little review of one of the new Lush Mothers Day bath bombs, so here I am, getting ready to talk about this cute little More Tea and Sympathy bath bomb. Let’s not waste any time and settle into a nice relaxing bath this Sunday morning.

As you probably already know by me saying it too many times, this it the More Tea and Sympathy Bath Bomb from Lush, this retails for $8.95 and is vegan, like almost all of Lush products are.

This cute little teapot contains many ingredients such as bergamot oil, green tea absolute and neroli oil just to name a few of the great products that are packed into this one.

This bath bomb has a very light scent to it that really reminds me of tea, which is the point I am sure. This one just smells very lightly of tea and it’s pleasant, I also find that it has the slightest hint of citrus to it which is a nice addition if you ask me. It’s very much exactly what I would think it would be by looking at it.

In the bath tub this one wasn’t my favorite, it wasn’t a fun one to watch although I do adore the pink shade that it turned my water. The fact that there were floaters is what bothered me, I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t like having petals and such in my bath, so if you don’t like that you should avoid this one. I will say it wasn’t that bad and there wasn’t a ton of them floating around, however they were there and I just don’t like that.

Overall I feel kind of meh about this bath bomb, it is super cute and I love the color that it turns the water, however, the scent isn’t that strong and didn’t linger for very long and the dried flowers in it are enough to make me not want to use it again.


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