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Face Mask Friday: Dessert Trio

I don’t believe this is what they are calling this little line but I think it fits since the three masks I will be talking about today are called Matcha Mood, Cake My Day and Berry Groovy, plus the way they all smell makes me really think of sweets. Since I am doing three masks this month this is almost like a first impression/face mask Friday as I haven’t used these quite long enough for an in-depth review but I have used them more than once. So, let’s just dive right into these sweet masks.

I am going to start today’s post off by talking about the Meme Box I Dew Care Berry Groovy Brightening Glycolic Wash-Off Mask, which is a mouthful to say. This one retails for $25.00 and comes with 3.52oz of product, which is equal to about $7.11 per ounce of product. Which doesn’t sound too bad if you ask me.

This mask claims to unmask radiant skin and honestly, I think it does. I don’t think it doesn’t anything crazy in terms of brightening the skin, at least not after two or three uses of the product, however, I do notice a little bit of a glow after each use with this product which is very nice if you ask me. This also leaves my skin feeling extra soft, which is an added bonus because who doesn’t love soft skin?

The other thing that I want to mention is the scent of this product, I personally really like the scent, it smells very much like berries but is more of a softer and sweeter scent than some things. I think the gentle scent makes this my easier on sensitive skin.

My next pick for this post is the Matcha Mood Soothing Green Tea Wash-Off Mask. This one also retails for $25.00 and comes with 3.52oz of product, so I’m thinking that this is going to be a theme that continues on in the third one. That makes this about $7.11 just like the other one. I might talk about the packaging on these for a minute, they all come in basically the same box that is just themed to their scent and the actual tub is the same just in different colors. I actually really like the tubs they come in, they are really easy to scoop out product and they feel nice while also being really simple.

I’m going to mix it up a little bit and start by talking about the scent of this for a minute because I know I can’t be the only one who loves to talk about the way skincare products smell, even if what really matters is what it does for the skin. Anyway, I quite like this one and wasn’t completely sure what to expect when I smelled this one, I guess I was expecting something light and kind of earthy like matcha. This does have a little bit of this but it also has a kind of bright fruity note to it. Like the other one, there is a scent but it isn’t anything overpowering or too strong.

Now, what really matters, the formula and what it did for my skin. I didn’t use quite enough here but I have used it a couple other times and I liked it. This isn’t my favorite face mask I have ever used and it’s not the favorite from this little trio, but it’s still nice. I feel like this did calm my skin down and I noticed a bit less redness on the face, not that I have that much to start with but I feel like it did do what it claimed to do. Of course, it was nothing astronomical but I did notice a different and I was happy with the results.

And now it is time for the last of the face masks, this one is the Cake My Day Hydrating Sprinkle Wash-Off Mask and retails for $25.00. This one comes with a surprising 3.52oz of product, just like the other two, which means that it comes out to about $7.11 per ounce of product which doesn’t seem too terrible since face masks tend to go a pretty long way.

This one is pretty much just straight up cake frosting that is good for your skin, I mean I didn’t taste it so I can’t vouch for that but this looks like, smells like and feels just like cake frosting. It is pretty trippy.

This mask claims to be hydrating and unmasks softer smoother skin. I think that this one does really hydrate the skin, it left my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. It was really surprising, still nothing that is super out there or anything like that but really nice and easily the best out of the three masks for me personally.

Let me talk about how amazing this smells, I know I already mentioned that this was essentially cake frosting but I need to talk about how delicious it smells once more. It is sweet, soft and smells just like vanilla frosting. Also, this has sprinkles in it and that is just too cute.

So, overall I am actually really happy with these three masks and I like them a lot more than the kitten range, not that they are anything alike, they just happen to be from the same brand and a trio. Anyway, my favorite is hands down the Cake My Day and my least favorite is Matcha Mood, which is not to say that it is bad it is just my least favorite.

What is your favorite face mask?


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