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Review: Colourpop Just My Luck Eyeshadow Palette

I believe this came out in March, it might have been April, the year and the months are a little bit hazy to me. Either way, I know that I am a little bit behind on this one, I feel like everyone has already talked about this but what is new? I am always a bit behind. I am hoping that posting every day will bring me a little bit closer to not getting to wherever it is that I think caught up is. Let’s just talk about this fun and green palette.

My eyes will be focused on the Colourpop Just My Luck Eyeshadow Palette which retails for a grand total of $12.00 and comes with nine different shades and finished of green eyeshadow. If you are looking for something with a good color selection than this is not it, however, if you are looking for something with a really nice selection of green shades then you might be interested in this because it does have a really good mix of greens that make it so you can come up with any look you might be thinking of, or just about.

I like the packaging, it’s a bit plain but I think that is why I like it. The outer packaging looks just like the box above except more like plastic because it is plastic of course. It’s just very simple but I quite like the font.

The packaging feels fine, it doesn’t feel particularly heavy or nice but it doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall apart right away either. I also really like the color on the inside and just the overall look and layout of the shadows, I just like round pans really. Now let’s take a second to talk about each shade for a moment.

Let’s start with Chances Are… which is a matte shade and the lightest in the palette, it’s a minty shade that leans a little bit more yellow based than blue and I like that. Kiss My Hass is another matte that is a really pretty mid-toned green. So-So is a really pretty shimmer shade that has the slightest bit of a kind of yellow duochrome to it and I think that is very pretty. Big Banks is another shimmer shade that is a really pretty and fresh kind of sea green. Mary Jane is a shimmer that is the brightest green, this is a really proper kind of lime green shade that is stunning. Olive You is the last shimmer in the palette, this is a really true olive green shimmer. Act Natural is a matte shade that reminds me of a cactus, is that weird to say? This is just a really nice on the darker side of mid-toned green. Mo Bamba is a matte and is true dark forest green. Charmed is the last matte in the palette and is a really true dark olive shade, which I think compliments the palette very nicely.


These are the three looks that I came up with to feature in this review, I tried to use all of the shades amongst these three looks and I did. Some of the shades that really stand out to me are for sure Big Banks, Mary Jane , and Olive You. The shimmers are really fantastic in this palette, if you couldn’t tell by me saying all of my favorites are shimmers. They are just really pigmented and very shimmery, they do have a little bit of fall out to them but nothing too outrageous.


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