Review: Wet ‘N Wild Personal Best Exfoliating Cleansing Balls

I don’t know what happened when this collection came out but I was pretty excited about it, something about the packaging and how everything is really travel friendly just really appealed to me, even though I don’t travel ever hardly. Because I do own this stuff and haven’t seen anyone talking about it, I thought I would throw out a review of one of the products that I own and see how it went, which is why we are here today. So let’s talk about this forgotten product.

This one is all about the Wet ‘N Wild Personal Best Exfoliating Facial Cleanser Balls that retails for $7.99. I’m assuming you get twelve of these little cleansing balls in each package because that’s what’s in the photo and that is the amount that I received.

I think the idea of these little cleansing balls that are solid is a really smart one, I’m not sure how I feel about the packaging but at the same time I can’t think of anything that would be better than a little jar like this one. While I have the packaging brought up let me talk about that for a minute. This doesn’t feel super nice but it is drugstore and on the cheaper side of things so I’m not mad at it, it does feel like a jar that I could reuse for something just nothing that requires too much of a sturdy carrying case. I like the sticker on the top, I think it’s very fun and colorful, the whole line is also very cohesive.

I also want to mention that I think these are so cute, I love the pastel shades they chose for them.

The directions on how to use these are so much them up with some water and they do get a pretty good consistency going once there is enough water. These do a really good job at getting basically all of the makeup off of my skin. I will say that these weren’t sensitive enough for me to use around my eyes like some cleanser, but as for everything else it got the makeup off and left my skin feeling clean. It left my skin feeling clean but not particularly moisturized, which is fine. These didn’t irritate my skin at all, just the eye area and I didn’t notice any breakouts while using this product. I also want to talk about the exfoliation these claim to have, I’m not sure if it was just really gentle or what but I didn’t notice the slightest bit of exfoliation while using these, so I am not sure that they live up to that claim. The last thing is that they do have a little bit of a scent to them, it’s kind of like a generic cleanser kind of smell, so it’s not strong and not offensive at all.

So, overall I do quite like these and can see myself possibly picking up some more in the future, but this wouldn’t replace a regular cleanser for me. These for sure make the most sense for the intended purpose, your gym bag, though these do make a lot of sense when traveling as well due to them not being liquid. So, if I traveled more I would probably pick up another one of these right away but since I do not I don’t think about them until the time comes probably.

What do you think of these cleansing balls?


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