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Review: Lush Yuzu & Cocoa Bath Bomb

When I saw that this was one of the new bath bomb scents I knew that I was going to have to make a Lush purchase, which was bound to happen since they did recently just release a slew of bath bombs, which also means that you will be seeing a bunch more bath bomb reviews from me this month. But anyway, Yuzu & Cocoa is one of my favorite Lush scents, it is for sure in the top three if not my all time favorite, so I am so excited to have this one in my hands. Let’s sink in and see how this one goes.

As you probably already know by the title, up on the chopping block is the Yuzu & Cocoa bath bomb from Lush. This bath bomb will run you $6.95, it is vegan and it features ingredients such as bergamot oil, grapefruit oil, tonka absolute, and cocoa absolute just to name a few of the great ingredients in this fun little bath bomb.

This bath bomb isn’t particularly exciting to look at as it is just molded to look like an orange, which makes sense but like I said isn’t much to look at either.

Once you drop this in the water I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but much like it’s outward appearance it fizzled out into an orange color, no hidden surprises found in this one. Which is just a little bit disappointing.

The scent of this is odd, on cold sniff this smells exactly like what Yuzu & Cocoa smells like to me and that is lightly of cocoa butter and coconut, it has this really tropical scent to me and I have never picked up on a citrus scent with this one until I dropped it in the water. I was kind of disappointed that it smelled just like oranges, which is what it is supposed to smell like and I do like citrus scents, but normally this scents smells coconutty and reminds me of something that I can’t place the scent of from my childhood, so I was kind of disappointed with the scent in the water.

The last thing is the formula and the feel in the water, this left my skin feeling nice and left the water feeling soft as it always does. I didn’t find that the scent lingered on the skin particularly well either.

So, for me personally this bath bomb is a little bit of a letdown, it wasn’t exciting to look at and it didn’t smell like I wanted it to when it hit the water. I do own a couple more because I was sure I was going to love it and I will use those, they still smell nice and bright, but it just didn’t live up to what I expected it to be. But, if I take out what I was hoping for it to be then it was a really great bath bomb and smelled really nice, though the fact that there was no hidden center color was a little bit of a let down.

What is your favorite Lush scent family?


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