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April 2019 Nail Wrap Up

I did not wear that many different nail looks this month however I did get a pretty good amount of polishes into the very simple but limited looks that I did create. Everything that I have done so far feels very much like spring and very pastel, which I really love. So let’s not waste anytime and just get into this short little post.

First up is a polish from Sally Hansen in the shade Strawberry Cheesecake, this is one of the jelly belly shades and the one that I knew I had to have. I think this polish is actually pretty interesting without being obnoxious. The base of this almost looks nude with a slight shimmer to it and then pink glitter throughout it, as you can probably see.

My next wear for the month included two I Scream Nails polishes, the base blue shade is Secretly Smitten and on the accent nail I used Star Storm, or more I used just a few pieces from Star Storm and I thought they were really cute together. I could totally see myself doing this one again but with stars on all of the nails because it was so cute.

I wore another duo of polishes, these ones are from the Etsy shop Indie Polish. The base is a color changing polish in the shade Spring Fever which goes between a really pretty purple shade and a more pink-purple shade, I can’t remember which way is which. Overtop I layered on glitter in the shade wtf was I thinking? Which is just a really fun mix of glitters in different shapes, sizes, and colors. I think it was really quite fun.

I went for something fun next and returned to I Scream Nails, clearly one of my favorite brands. I used the polish Vovolicious over all of my nails except for my accent nail in which case I used one of the nail wraps from the Mermaid Mania set. I think these actually turned out really well and were super cute, I do need to work on my nail wrap application though.

And those are the four nail polish looks that I wore over the course of April, a really fun mix of springy things if you ask me. I am really quite happy but as per usual I wish that I had been able to squeeze a few more in but I was letting my nails take a little bit of a break. Hopefully, May will be more fun, we’ll just have to wait and see though.

What are some of your favorite nail polish brands and colors?


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