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April 2019 Lifestyle Favorites

Today is all about all of the random odds and ends that I have been loving during the month of April and am not sure where else to shove other than in one of these posts. So, let’s just get into talking about all of the random things that I have been loving, which are mostly food related this month.

I want to start out by talking about betty crocker mug cakes and more specifically in the rainbow chip flavor as it is my favorite and is really very moist. I have been loving these because they are really easy to make, are single serve and are just really tasty when I’m looking for something a little bit sweet.

While I am on the topic of sweet I have recently discovered that peanut butter snickers exist and I might be in love all over again, these are seriously tasty and the fun size of the perfect pick me up treat size.

I have been talking about my favorite books that I have read during the month recently and this month is no exception, I have only finished a couple but I really enjoyed Blood for Blood by Victoria Selamn. This was a really quick but super interesting read if you like crime novels.

Is it weird if I say baths? I have a bunch of reviews coming up and have purchased way too many of the new bath bombs from Lush that I have been taking baths pretty regularly and really have been enjoying it. It’s just a nice way to relax and chill out.

Devil’s Backbone Cran-Gose has been a serious favorite of mine for months now, I am not much of a beer drinker regularly but this one is fantastic and is my favorite. Another drink favorite of mine is Ice Sparkling Water in Black Cherry which tastes just like watered down kool-aid to me and I have been obsessed with it, so much so that it might be a problem.

Game of Thrones came back in the month of April so I had to include that in this list because it is a favorite, I have read to books that have come out so far and have seen all of the seasons so I am very much excited to see how the end turns out and finish this season. I am a bit sad to see it go though.

This was my playlist for the month of April, a slightly random one as they typically are but these are all still songs that I have really been enjoying and listening to on repeat this past month. So, overall April was a good month and a month that involved a lot of snacks and drinks clearly, but I think that is fun to talk about too so that is why I mentioned it in this post.

Anything you’ve really been loving in April?


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