April 2019 Favorites + Face

I am focusing on all of my favorite products from the month of April today, which means this one is about all things beauty and cosmetic wise. I don’t have a ton of actual makeup favorites this month but I do have quite a few other more skincare like things to talk about, so together they add to a pretty fun mix and a good amount of products to talk about. So, let’s just do that.

Colourpop Just My Luck Palette – I have used this palette too much this month but it is something that I have been seriously loving. I never really thought of myself as a green eyeshadow person until I tried this one out. There is a proper review of this coming up so I won’t drone on for too long, but I will say that I really enjoyed the mix of green looks that I could come up with.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation – This is back again, I believe I have spoken about this a couple of other times this year so far but I really like it. This is the foundation that I am currently trying to work through but I also think that it is a really fantastic one, it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin but has pretty good coverage and is easy to apply. Along with it being basically the perfect foundation match for me.

Benefit Roller Lash – This might be my favorite mascara of all time, which I kind of hate because it is so expensive but it just makes my lashes look perfect with minimal effort. It really separates them and that is a big thing that I look for in a mascara, a non-clumpy one.

Benefit Roller Liner – I don’t know how I came to own this but I am glad that I do, this might be my new favorite felt tip liner, which once again is a bit expensive. I just love how black the formula is, the tip is super fine and it’s a bit flexible which makes it super easy to wing out or just do a simple straight line.

Lime Crime Softwear Blush in Petal.JPG – This is my favorite blush at the moment, I have been wearing this a bunch even though I don’t typically love cream blushes. This one is a bit hard to work with without a brush, but with a nice dense brush, it is super easy to get a good amount of color payoff and spread easily. I also just love this color, it’s a very pretty cool toned purple pink shade that is just so different for me.

Physcians Formula Coconut Milk Eye Makeup Remover – This stuff might be a new holy grail for me, I was never one to use an eye makeup remover however I purchased this one recently for whatever reason and I love it. Just a small blop of this removes all of my eye makeup and it is super gentle so it doesn’t irritate my eyes in the slightest. I just really like this and this is a welcome addition to my makeup removal process.

Ulta Makeup Removing Towels – I have had these for a while and used them for a while then went back to using disposable ones, however I have stopped using those so much and returned to these. I actually really like these, they are super easy to use, do a really good job and removing my makeup and are very much reusable which is great.

Tarte Sugar Rush Don’t Hate, Hydrate Moisturizer – I bought a little sample set recently in one of my many Ulta orders and this was included, I seriously loved this stuff. This moisturizer felt amazing on the skin, it didn’t irritate my skin at all and it felt like it really sunk into the skin. This also smells amazing, just like oranges and I love that.

Wet ‘N Wild Personal Best Exfoliating Cleansing Balls – You will probably be seeing a lot of these for the next few days, I have completely finished these up and I have a review coming up on these so I won’t say much other than these were really nice and gentle while also being a fantastic product to travel with.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in Apple Lime – I have loved these lip sleeping masks for a while and this just happens to be the current one I’m using. Honestly, I think I like this one more than I like the standard berry scent. Anyway, these are great for keeping the lips moisturized and are really comfy on the lips.

Ariana Grande Moonlight Parfum – I am not sure what has happened but I have been using this perfume non-stop for the past month, seriously, I’ve put it on pretty much every day and I kind of love it. I am sure at some point I will burn out on this fragrance but for now, it is a serious favorite of mine.


This was my favorite look from this month, it was just so simple but cute and very much minty, which I was very into this month. I just think is looks very springy and April has been feeling pretty springy if you ask me.

Those are all of my favorites from the month, a bit of a random assortment and way less makeup than usual, but still a good mix if you ask me. Also, lots of new things to chit chat about this month which I think is always a good thing.

What have you been loving during the month of April?


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