Why April 2019 Was Awesome + Goals

I am so excited for it to be May, the weather has gotten warmer over the past month but I just love the summer time and the closer we get to it the more excited I get, so I am happy to see May here already. Today isn’t about May though, it’s all about April, so let’s just dive in and chit chat about how the month of April went for me.

April started off with some time off due to it being my husbands birthday, which is always welcome, time off and cake are two things that I love. We had a couple really chill days off and just kind of had fun, which is always a great way to start a week and a month off. Other than that I can’t really think of a whole lot the went on during April, it has been a fairly boring month and not a whole lot of things stick out to me.

I did make fruity pebble treats this month, which were delightful and probably a terrible idea because I ate a bunch of those. But also delicious, I would highly recommend doing if you like sweets.

We have finally started to make some actual progress with our future home, which I am very much excited about. I am so ready to have more space and not have to share walls with someone, however, I know it will take time.

While I do not have much to say about April, I do think April was a pretty good month and I am very much excited to have seen the sun out a lot more this month and see warmer weather, I am seriously ready for that trend to continue.

Let’s talk about my goals from the last month starting with finishing Outlander which is something that I did not do, didn’t even crack it open. I will read this eventually as I have heard great things but it just hasn’t hooked me yet, so I think I am going to quit putting this in my goals and just kind of see what happens. Next up is to drive more another thing that I simply did not do and another thing that I am probably going to quit putting on this list. I wanted to stick to my budget this past month but once again I have not done that, I did get closer this month than last month but am still a major work in progress. I wanted to be more active on social media which is something I aim to do all of the time and think I have done somewhat better on this past month. So my goals have been a little hit and miss as they typically are.

Now, let’s talk about goals for the upcoming month starting with catching up on my reading challenge because once again I have fallen behind and while I know I could catch up super easily with comics and things, I am trying not to rely on that completely this year. I want to stick to my budget this next month and I know I can do it, I just have to focus and tell myself no and calm down. I don’t know how I am going to do this but I want to use up more product this month, I have hoards of samples and really want to focus on using things up. I would also like to make some progress in some makeup products, of course, I don’t want to just use things a bunch to get rid of them, but I just want to focus on being able to get some more use out of some products/

And that is how the month of April went for me, my goals were really hit and miss, the month was a bit boring but gone in the blink of an eye and lastly I am happy to be seeing sunshine so frequently again.

How did April treat you?


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