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Revisit: Lime Crime Velvetine in Cashmere

This month is about another favorite from the past, I’m not sure that I have ever properly reviewed this product but I do know that I have mentioned it in favorites before and even talked about it in my 2016 yearly favorites, so I thought that was good enough reason to revisit this product. So, let’s see if this one has stood up to the test of time.

This is a Lime Crime Velvetine in the shade Cashmere which will cost you $20.00 and comes with .088oz of product, so a total ounce of product comes out to roughly $227.28, which is a big much but I also imagine an ounce of liquid lipstick probably goes a pretty long way.

Let’s talk about this packaging for a minute, it’s fairly simple but I actually really like the look of it. The tube has this matte and frosted kind of look to it and the handle is bright red with the Lime Crime logo and roses on it. It’s fairly simple but I like the look of it.

As for the feel of the packaging, I am not the biggest fan of it, I love the look of matte packaging but I don’t love the feel of it. I also think that this feels a little bit on the cheaper end of things.

The last thing that I want to talk about in terms of packaging is the applicator it is very much your standard doe foot applicator and that is perfectly alright with me, it makes for great application as I can line easily with it but also fill in rather well, plus it’s not too squishy which I appreciate.

Now let’s talk formula, the part that really matters. I want to start by saying that I really love this shade of lipstick, I love how cool toned it is and I just think it looks really nice while also being a little bit different.

Anyway, this formula is rather thin and goes on very easily, I find it easy to control and fairly opaque even for being a thinner formula. This one also dries down really quickly which is a huge bonus, I know I don’t love waiting for things to dry, especially because I’m afraid I will somehow smudge them. This formula is drying but nothing particularly out of the ordinary for liquid lipsticks, I’m willing to get over that due to the fact that this has some serious staying power. Eventually, it does wear down but what doesn’t?

So, I have pulled this out from the depths of where it lived in my drawer and honestly, I really like this formula still and love the color so I can get why I called this a yearly favorite at one point, it’s a really nice liquid lipstick. I love this formula and would surely recommend this to any lipstick lover.

Have you ever tried the Lime Crime liquid lipstick formula?


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