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Try It Tuesday: My Indie Polish

We are back to talking about a nail polish this month, this one is all about the brand IndiePolish on Etsy. I ordered two nail polishes and thought that I could share a nail look using the two with you guys. Let’s not waste any time and just get straight into the review.

I picked up two different nail polishes from IndiePolish on Etsy. The first shade is the shade Spring Fever, which is a thermal shade shifting polish that will run you about $12.36. The second one that I picked up is called wtf was I thinking and will run you $8.49, so both are fairly affordable and about what I would expect to pay for nail polishes on Etsy as they are smaller batches so I know that they will cost more.

Let’s talk about the packaging for a minute, the bottle for these feels really standard and like nothing too exciting, but I am completely fine with that because they are still your typical nice glass bottles that nail polish comes in. The labels aren’t the same which I found the slightest bit odd, but I’m assuming that one is older than the other is all.

Now, let’s talk about the nail polish itself. The base is a thermal polish that shifts between a light pinky-purple shade and a straight up mid tones purple shade. I think that this is a really fun shade and I completely understand why they are calling this one spring fever, it feels like the perfect shade for the time of year, flowers are blooming and it’s just pretty.

As for the top coat, this is a glitter top coat as you can see, but nothing is particularly sparkly instead they have various different shapes which I think is really fun. It has a mix of just chunky glitter shaped glitter, it has some stars and some hearts in it and all kinds of colors. It reminds me of confetti and I think it is really quite fun to wear.

As for the formula, I really enjoyed both of these as I thought that they wore really well, they stayed on the nails without chips for a good three or four days which I think was fantastic. I didn’t wear it much longer than that as I typically switch up my nail polish pretty frequently but I can still say that it wore pretty well and I think it would have continued to since it was going strong. So, overall I am happy with both of these polishes and could see myself going back to purchase a couple other shades.

What would you guys like to see me review from Etsy?


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