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Review: Lush Bunny Bomb Bomb

Since today is Easter I thought that I would share a fun little bath bomb review today that makes sense with the holiday. Today I will be reviewing this cute little bunny bath bomb from Lush, which really this one is more like two cute little bath bombs. Let’s sink in and take a soak with the little guy.

This cute little bath bomb duo is one of the new Lush bath bombs for Easter, this is the Bunny Bomb Bomb and this little one will run you $7.95, which I think is a fantastic value seeing as you are basically getting two for the price of one.

This bath bomb features some really great ingredients popping candy, bergamot oil, ho wood oil, and Brazilian orange oil just to name a few.

This bath bomb is such a cutie and I love that it is pink! This bath bomb looks like a little bunny with big ‘ol eyes that I assume are made out of cocoa butter. This bath bomb is just too cute.

Once it hits the water you can see that it starts to fizz out and it’s not super exciting in terms of color, it just starts fizzing out pink like you would probably expect it to do. The thing about this one is that it is really loud, I have had plenty of other bath bombs that have popping candy in them and I’ve never really been able to majorly hear it but this one means business, which I thought was really cool. So while the visual show wasn’t that interesting, I still think this was fun because of the sound. Once it was all fizzed away it left the bath water this really pretty milky pink color that I loved the look of, both of the bomb bombs I have tried for Easter have left a milky kind of look to the bath and I am very much into it and wish Lush would make more bombs like that.

Let’s talk about the scent of this one a little bit, this one smells like sweet citrus for sure, it has this kind of just in general sweet scent to this while also having a tiny bit of an underlying woody scent. It’s interesting though mostly it’s sweet and fun, which is something that I enjoy.

As for the feel in the water, this is fairly typical of a Lush bath bomb, they all feel soft in the water and give me a little bit of moisture, it’s just a relaxing time, even with a sweeter scent.

It’s probably clear by now but I quite liked this bath bomb, I don’t think it was exciting to watch fizz away but I do think that it is interesting to listen to and I do quite like the smell of it, it’s a very nice fragrance. I also really love the milky pink shade of the bath water. I could see myself picking this one up.

What bath bombs do you want to see me review next month?


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