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Review: Lush Lamb Bomb Bomb Bath Bomb Review

As you may have heard by now, Lush has released a whopping 54 new bath bombs that are available online and some are available in stores, I have picked up some of those and reviews for those will be coming but I am not ready for that yet, as I am still talking about the spring releases, as you can see  by the title today. So, let’s just jump right into the bath and see how this cute little guy goes.

This one is all about the Lamb Bomb Bomb from Lush, this is a cute little bath bomb that is actually two shaped like a lamb, which I think is adorable. This one will run you $7.95, which I think is a really fantastic price seeing as you are pretty much getting two bath bombs in one when you pick this one up. This bath bomb also features ingredients such as soya milk powder, cocoa absolute and peppermint oil just to touch on a few.

This one is probably the cutest of the bomb bombs that I have seen so far, it’s just really soft colors and has big goofy eyes, I love it and think it is rather cute.

I must admit, once this bath bomb hits the water it is much less interesting and much less cute. I don’t hate this in the bath but I don’t think it is interesting to look at. This bomb fizzes out in exactly the shades that you would expect it to and once it is finished it turns the bath this milky white kind of color with the slightest tint of blue. I will say, I kind of like the look of it but I don’t think it’s anything that fun or out there.

Now, let’s talk about the parts that I really care about starting out with the scent of this one. This one has a really sweet but also fresh kind of mint scent to it, it’s not overpowering at all and it’s not too sweet either, I quite like the balance of scent in this one. It kind of smells like it has a touch of vanilla mixed in with the mint fragrance to create this lovely blended scent. I also have to say that this bath bomb felt a little bit more moisturizing than it usually does, probably due to the eyes being cocoa butter chunks, or at least I assume that’s what they were. So, I am very much happy with my bath experience in terms of scent and feel in the water.

I enjoyed this bath bomb quite a bit, I think it was a nice fragrance and I think it is for sure a bang for your buck kind of product at Lush, though it was a little bit lackluster. For me personally, I do not think I will be picking this one up again just due to me not loving the fragrance, I thought it was nice but just not my personal favorite. But I think it is a great bath bomb and if you like sweeter soft mint scents then you will like this one, it’s just not for me.

Have you picked any of the new bath bombs up? Are there any you guys would like to see reviews of?


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